State of Decay Screens and Details Shamble In

By Chewie, 6 years ago
In new entries to their blog, the suitably named development studio, Undead Labs, have released new details about the state of their upcoming XBLA zombie apocalypse game, State of Decay.

In the blog, the developers go into detail about how they want the game to feel like a simulation of a zombie apocalypse, crafting a realistic world with difficult choices and lots of crazy brain-munching action.

The world of State of Decay had to feel real, and as players, we needed to feel we had choices. Not just options, but the choices available to us here in the real world. That meant abandoning the usual game designer tools of scripts and triggers, and instead simulating behaviors and responses. Noise, echos, light, motion, resource depletion, morale, energy — all of those things needed to be modeled, and the inhabitants of the world designed to react and respond to them naturally. It was a daunting challenge, but one we thought was essential to creating a true survival experience.
Over the coming months, the developers are going to be releasing new information on the blog, detailing varying aspects of the game. First up we get a selection of screenshots highlighting three key areas that are vital for survival in the zombie infested world.

Skill System: Skills can be developed over time through use, whereas Traits are inherent abilities. An example of developing a Skill would be smashing zombies around with large blunt or pointy instruments to improve your strength, like this fellow is.

03/12/2012 - Skill 1

03/12/2012 - Skill 2

Surveying: Utilising high vantage points, you can scout for buildings, survivors, vehicles and mission opportunities. You can also keep an eye out for any troublesome zombie hordes and new infestations that you may want to run straight into like a maniac avoid.

03/12/2012 - Survey 1

03/12/2012 - Survey 2

03/12/2012 - Survey 3

Inventory: There is a wealth of varying items available, from healing items to homemade explosives or just some random junk that may end up coming in handy. The amount a survivor can carry is limited and resource management is one of the key gameplay mechanics. Here we see a survivor examining his flares, a homemade weapon sound suppressor and a Fougasse. Unfortunately, all the dictionaries were destroyed in this post-apocalyptic world, so he has no idea what a Fougasse is or what to do with it.

03/12/2012 - Inventory 1

03/12/2012 - Inventory 3

03/12/2012 - Inventory 2

According to the blog, the main body of work on the game is now finished and the focus now is on 'polish, bug fixing, tuning, and balancing'. Currently a release date is unknown, but keep an eye on TA as we continue to bring you more information as details of the game are released.
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