Another Sacred Citadel Character Detailed

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
When battling Grimmoc warriors it is definitely helpful to have a Safiri Warrior and maybe a few co-op partners to help you take over the battlefields in Sacred Citadel.

One thing that is a welcome sight in any team readying up for several battles of titans against the Ashen Empire is the Khukuri Shaman. From the Aeshem Mountains, the Khukuri Shaman is the backbone of the squad. Using her vast knowledge of healing and delivering some added buffs for her cohorts, she is the secluded sorcerer from the land of ice and wind.

To give you a brief insight into what she is capable of, we have a few screenshots that show her battling against some fierce opposition.

sacred December 5th

The impish Miners freed the beast from its cage, deep within the Monolith forest shaft. But our Khukuri Shaman is prepared for the incoming attack, unleashing a dreadful spell! The small red potion in front of her, once collected and consumed, will refill her life energy.
sacred December 5th

Deep within the deadly Ancarian swamps our heroes are dashing forward fearlessly.The Khukuri just performed one of her debuff rituals and therefore strengthened the parties offensive skills, surrounding them in a luminescent light. If you look closely a venomous amphibian is lurking in the water to the right. On the left we see a bogged down war machine,one that you would be able to ride in its better days.
sacred December 5th

Located in the Monolith forest lies a small village, set on fire by the evil Grimmoc. Our group of reckless warriors have to flee! The Ancarian Ranger to the right is taking a defensive pose, readying himself for incoming enemy attacks. The Safiri Warrior leaps from roof to roof and the Khukuri Shaman is executing one of her secret, bewitching arts.

Sacred Citadel will bring its side-scrolling brawler antics when it is released sometime in 2013 on the XBLA Marketplace.