Power Rangers Super Samurai Launch Trailer

By Chewie,
Power Rangers aren't known for their sneakiness: with their garish, primary coloured costumes, unnecessarily shouty talking style, and humongous robot animal vehicles, they're more of the 'I'M FIGHTING YOU NOW' style of superhero, than the 'You're already defeated and you didn't even know it' style of superhero. Heck, even the latest generation of Power Rangers are modeled after the overt Japanese warrior, the Samurai, as opposed to the covert Japanese warrior, the Ninja. So, with that in mind, how did the new Kinect combat game, based on the Power Rangers Super Samurai license, sneak up on us so easily?

The last we heard of Namco Bandai's Power Rangers Super Samurai Achievements was back in August with some screenshots and a vague 'Winter' release window. Now, not only has it got a firmer release date, but that release date is 'now' and comes bearing a launch trailer. It's morphin' time!

Utilise the power of the MegaZords in your living room (WARNING: high ceilings may be a requirement) as Power Rangers Super Samurai is available now in the US. A release date for other territories is still unconfirmed, but it may just sneak up on you.

We've got the full list of Power Rangers Super Samurai achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Chewie
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