Patching Unobtainable Achievements

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
It was announced by EA not too long ago that there were to be further server closures. This time, it was the Skate.Reel servers that were being marched to the chopping block. This has drawn divided feedback from the gaming community with some simply not bothered, others supporting the move, and an arguably larger percentage cursing EA and their blitz of older titles.

Many gamers against the shutdown still have online achievements to pick up from the title, and feel that, after having paid for the game at retail price and an Xbox LIVE subscription fee, that they should be able to retain the right to play any game on Xbox LIVE at any time.

Whilst I'm not here to discuss the validity of EA's latest move, or delve into the complex debates that rage within, I read the article and found myself thinking, 'perhaps there is another way?'.

I believe the key issue is that gamers affected by the closure of Xbox LIVE servers feel as though they have been brushed aside and effectively told, 'we don't care' with regard to lost functionality and missing achievements that brings to any given title.

So, what if the developers (EA in this instance) could work in conjunction with Microsoft and were able to release a patch on the day of the shutdown? This could essentially 'remove' online achievements from the title which the gamer hadn’t yet unlocked, and consequently would never be able to unlock.

This would allow players to keep on chipping away the single player and effectively ‘complete’ the title to 100% albeit with a lower gamerscore. It would also mean that anyone picking up the game for the first time (presumably pre-owned) in the future, would have a fair shot at completing the game too.

It would be a nice gesture from the developers and may help to placate the serious gamers who work hard to maintain their high completion ratios. I know I’d welcome the move if they were to shut down the online service for Prey for instance seeing as I’m effectively stuck at 750G thanks to a non-existent online community.

What do you think? Should the system be left how it is, or do you perhaps have an even better idea as to how this issue could be fixed?