VGA 2012: Dark Souls II Revealed

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Last year, many gamers fell in love with Dark Souls for its punishing gameplay, dark setting, and throwback difficulty. During tonight's VGAs, those gamers got a bit happier, as Dark Souls II was officially revealed.

Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing at Namco Bandai is excited to get gamers back into the world for new challenges:

Dark Souls II retains the core essence of Dark Souls while evolving to present new twists and challenges that are sure to please longtime fans and attract new comers to the series. From Software is going to take a very dark path with Dark Souls II; players will need to look deep within themselves to see if they have the intestinal fortitude to embark on this journey.
Tomohiro Shibuya, director of Dark Souls II, elaborated on the additions and changes that the sequel will receive:

This new chapter in the Dark Souls saga presents opportunities for us to drive innovation in gameplay design, develop an entirely new story, and expand the scope of the world in which the player interacts with the game. We have taken these necessary steps with Dark Souls II in order to evolve the overall experience of the Dark Souls series. The entire development team is striving to make Dark Souls II an experience that is fresh while not forsaking its roots in presenting players with challenging gameplay. Our goal is to surprise and delight our fans with new experiences and plot twists while enticing new players to join our dark journey.
Dark Souls II currently has no release date.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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