TA Gaming Stats - December 3rd to 9th 2012

By Chewie, 6 years ago
This report is for the period December 3rd to December 9th 2012.

Hello all. Welcome to the TA Stats for the first full week of December.

I can start this article with some good news:

I can officially confirm that, due to popular community demand and a lot of arm breaking twisting on my Ewok helpers, the Statisticles, there will be a full year Stats article that will show all of the lovely statistics across 2012 here at TA. Just think of how big and juicy some of those numbers will be!! I'm salivating at the thought.

However, because it will be so big to compile and because my belly is going to be full of meat and mead, don't expect the article anywhere around New Year itself. We're probably looking at mid-January at the earliest as that is when my hangover head and my food baby will eventually pass through me.

I'm also looking to slip in a few 'guest' statistics into the 2012 article where I can. No full on tables, just a few interesting number nuggets. Any suggestions will be welcome in the comments below.

On with the Stats!

Games Started
19,227 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 29,098 games between them (1,635 different games).

Thanks to a complete lack of new retail releases, Retail Games Started looks almost exactly the same as last week, albeit with much smaller numbers on the whole.

Last week, Far Cry 3 sat at the top of the table with just over 2,000 starters. It was great to be in peak position, but the numbers weren't exactly great. However, this was simply because the game hadn't yet been released in North America. This week sees the number now reflect that release and push the starters over 3,000. So if we pretty much add these numbers together for the two releases, we get around 5,000 starters for the game's first week of release. Not too shoddy after all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo 4 continue to battle it out in second and third, with Cod: BlOps 2 still maintaining the edge over Halo 4. However, again the drop off is greater for CoD, losing over 800 starters compared to Halo's 550.

Elsewhere sees the exact same games on the table as last week - the most popular releases from the last month or so - in a slightly different order and with around half the number of starters for each.

Top Retail Games Started

Arcade continues to make me pull my hair out with no interesting new....HOLD ON A SECOND!!! Is that a new game I see before me?

Guardians of Middle-earth, the MOBA based on the Lord of the Rings franchise, proves there is demand for something fresh on the marketplace and jumps in straight at number one. However, looking closer at the numbers sees a little disappointment with only just over 350 starters for the title. Still, it's nice to see something that isn't just a sale title or vintage re-release or both.

Speaking of which, the latest SEGA Vintage titles that were so massively popular last week shave lots of starters off their numbers, but still maintain high positions thanks to low numbers everywhere else: Sonic the Fighters loses over 1,000 starters, dropping to around 350 and picking up a number two spot; Virtua Fighter 2 loses over 700 starters, pulling into fourth; Fighting Vipers drops by 600 starters and grabs fifth place.

Older sales still prove popular, with SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage and Wreckateer making it to ninth and tenth thanks to the Black Friday and 10th Anniversary sales of the previous month, whereas Zeit² picks up a seventh place spot, thanks to the special Ubisoft sale. With the likes of Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust, Rayman 3 HD and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game also being part of that sale, I'm kind of shocked that Zeit² is the most popular starter. I guess most people have already picked up the other games at the previous times their price dropped.

Top Arcade Games Started

Last week's top two titles on Windows Phone Games Started, the new release Turn N Run (WP) and the cut price Spider Jack (WP), slip below the ever popular Cut The Rope (WP) in second this week. However, they are all pale in comparison to this week's new release, AlphaJax (WP), which pulls in some extraordinary numbers (over 1,500 starters). I wonder why? Oh yes, it's because it's free...

Like Retail, the rest of the table reads very similar to last week, with the only difference of note being the introduction of Flowerz (WP) in the ten spot. This game was the very first Xbox LIVE enabled title to be released to the Windows Phone marketplace back in September 2010 and is also free, so I can only presume that its presence here is thanks to the new people picking up Windows 8 phones and gobbling up as many free and cheap games as they can.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
8,102 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 11,789 games between them (1,154 different games).

BOOM! Halo 4 explodes its way to the top of Retail Games Completed in the first week that its appeared on the chart. This is because the game was technically uncompletable until the release of the fifth episode of the "Spartan Ops" mode, allowing the related achievements to be unlocked. This meant that the potential completions had been building for a month and then, WHAM!, almost 2,000 people picked up the completion at once. With the (free for a time) "Crimson Map" DLC being released the subsequent week, expect the number of completions to remain high for this one next week.

Thanks to the release of the "Aftermath" DLC and no doubt bolstered by the recent Double XP weekend, Battlefield 3 jumps into second place with over 400 completions. The "Dragonborn" DLC gives The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a similar story and a third place spot. Last week's DLC releases for Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) and Mass Effect 3 also keep them hanging around in fifth and sixth.

Far Cry 3 makes its debut on the table in fourth place, with around 250 completions, which is quite an achievement considering its open-world nature and the fact that it already has more completions than its 2008 predecessor, Far Cry 2, has to date.

Top Retail Games Completed

Considering how easy it is to complete (currently at 95% completion percentage!) and how popular it was last week, I'm almost surprised that Sonic the Fighters has slipped into second on Arcade Games Completed this week. Then again, I guess it's because more people are dedicating their time and tears to the Game of the Year, The Walking Dead (Xbox 360), instead of the badly received vintage beat-em-up. Also, consider that every time someone completes an episode of the series, without starting the next one, it counts as a 'completion', so we'll be looking at quite a few people who are working their way through the game from the beginning in stages here. However, the completions for both titles are still significantly lower than last week, with Sonic dropping by 1,000 and Walking Dead dropping by around 500.

Like many other charts this week, the rest of this table reads very similarly to last week's, with the other easy to finish SEGA Vintage titles making their, now standard, appearances alongside Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Happy Wars. Unfortunately, Guardians of Middle Earth doesn't make an appearance to keep things interesting because, unlike many of the recent Arcade releases, it's actually a bit of a challenge to complete. Currently only 7 people have finished it (0.79% of players).

Top Arcade Games Completed

*Yawn* Windows Phone Games Completed is also an almost copy-paste of last week's table, with the same top three popular and easy to finish titles, Cut the Rope, Spider Jack and Turn N Run, leading considerably and the same mish mash of easy completions bringing up the rear.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
52,992 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 658,382 achievements online between them (44,630 different achievements).

Unsurprisingly, the three achievements related to the fifth episode of Spartan Ops in Halo 4 lead the pack in Top Retail Achievements Won. What Power Outage?, No Easy Way Out and Dedicated to Crimson all pull in between 7,500 and 7,900. Those are some pretty hefty numbers.

The rest of the table is dominated by Far Cry 3, pushing out CoD: BlOps 2 entirely, with a sole achievement for the "Dragonborn" DLC in Skyrim also popping up in seventh place.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Now that every man and his Ewok has picked up and completed Sonic the Fighters, it sinks down the table for Arcade Achievements Won, allowing the final episode of The Walking Dead to reach the heights it deserves. All the available achievements for the episode fill out the top eight spots, with the easiest achievement for Guardians of Middle Earth in ninth place and one achievement for Sonic in tenth (and no doubt the next ten or so spots too).

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Despite having multiplayer only achievements, the popularity and freeness of Scrabble clone,AlphaJax, ensures it nabs all the achievements for Windows Phone Achievements Won this week. It's lucky however, as these ten achievements are by far the easiest in the game, with the next ones being held by significantly fewer players.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Whilst the previous weeks have seen Shooter take a tumble from the lofty heights it reached upon Halo and CoD's releases, this week sees it grow its numbers a bit, thanks in no small part to Far Cry, the Battlefield DLC and the surge of people picking up those extra achievements in Halo. It adds a couple of million to its number, pushing it closer to the 10 million mark again.

All the other genres take a bit of a dip in numbers, I can only presume because people are putting down their controllers and swapping them for mice and keyboards, frantically doing their last minute festive shopping.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Shooter9,735,460
  • Action-Adventure4,617,647
  • Role-Playing2,052,428
  • Action1,730,764
  • Racing1,212,105
  • Sports1,134,867
  • Card & Board335,682
  • Puzzle328,267
  • Adventure327,699
  • Platformer289,108

Speaking of last minute Christmas shopping, I've got to think of something to get the Statisticles. I'm currently thinking of updating their Sharp EL-8s with Sinclair Executives. I don't want to be seen to be spoiling them though, so I'll probably just stick to my original plan: Men In Black: Alien Crisis .
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