State of Decay Details Proper Strategy

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
When confronted with an open world that is plagued by zombies, it is a necessity to gather your team members, strategize, and form tactical advantages over your opposition. Undead Labs' upcoming XBLA title, State of Decay, will give you ample opportunity to try your luck at survival.

The last details we featured were in regards to the customisation and gaining vantage points by studying the open world around you.

Today, we will indulge your finer senses of zombie slaying with a look at combat and weapon usage that would make George A. Romero proud.

To begin, let's take a look at the assortment of firearms gamers will have at their disposal.


You will have a good amount of pistols and revolvers to combat your zombie foes, you will be able to customise them with suppressors and other various upgrades, yet be careful because, like the real world, they will jam on you.


Do you prefer the distance kill? Possibly on a hillside, taking in the beautiful view of the horizon and then popping a .308 round into the lense of the undead? You'll get great long-distance accuracy and better bang for your buck when you stumble across some of the larger and nastier rifles featured in the game.

Keep in mind prospective zombie slayers, a rifle is excellent for distance but not very effective at close-range.

SubMachine Guns:

Care to run n' gun? Then grab yourself a SMG and plow through some zombies in some close-quarter action. Just make sure you don't run out of bullets.

Assault Rifles:

Pick from a variety of AR's and take some extreme firepower out into the world and help not only yourself, but also your compadres survive this post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland.


These are powerful, close-range weapons that use, slugs or buckshots that go "pow-pow" and "bang-KERPLOW" on multiple zombies. Be aware though, as you enter into an area, know that when these puppies pop-off, they are going to be deadly but not silent.

Now that you have been able to get an idea of the fire-power you will be able to wield, it is now time to look at the weapons that get you personal enough to XOXOXO a zombie.

Light Blunt weapon:

Better than a teddy bear, unless said teddy bear has rocks in it, these weapons may make you quick and agile, but they sure don't pack a huge wallop. If you are feeling daring, then pick up a crowbar, baseball bat, or a canoe paddle and feel free to face death hands-on.

Light Edged Weapons:

Feeling super nuts and you have mustered up enough courage, or another survivor dared you to kill a few zombies with a steak knife, then these blades will be what you are looking for.

Heavy Weapons:

These weapons may not make you the fastest player in the game, but when you do connect with the rotting flesh of a zombie, you will be able to crush your enemy with unrelenting, brute force.

Unarmed Combat:

This is where the bold, strong and possibly a little light when it comes to the brain department, decide to drop all of their weapons and go turn to their trusty ol' fisticuffs. Punch, kick, DDT, suplex, chokehold, alright, you can only punch and kick, but if you aren't afraid to get bit, then plow through these puss-buckets with some knuckles and toes.


Whether you were a boy scout, a bagger at a grocery store, or possibly a stripper, each of the survivors you can choose from come with their very own set of skills.

Your survivors skills will directly impact your fellow survivors in major ways, and throughout your campaign to fight the evil hordes of the undead, these skills will increase and further help your teams progression.


With the in-game specialisations you will be able to customise how your survivor grows and becomes amazing with his ability to call in a flock of genetically altered robots.

Okay, no robots, but you can make them more efficient with stealth, combat, gun maintenance and so forth. Keep in mind these specialisations will greatly benefit yourself and your teammates.

Spencer Mill Pro Tips:

While you tour through the town of Spencer Mill, there are two things that are truly important and need to be on everyones radar.

You love your weapon, you love its feel, the killing power, yet you have one problem, the lovely gun you call Betsy, is about to start kickin' rocks and will only be good for hammering nails now.

As a survivor it is incredibly important for you to keep an eye on your weapons durability and not let poor ol' Betsy go to the great gun graveyard in the sky.

Pro tip number two is a lot more exciting. What can it be? Through the magic of gaming you get to aquire a unicorn that expels butterflies? Nope, however, you can jump in a vehicle and plow through a ton of those zombies with vehicular grace.

Keep in mind however, most vehicles are loud, and what happens when zombies hear loud noises? They flock to the area to check out all the commotion and to ingest anything in the noisy vicinity. Be prapared for the rough road ahead when jumping into the flashy V8 pick-up, and maybe jump onto a bike and peddle to safety.

Think of the zombie apocalypse as though you, a trusty mage, your ranged-weapon dwarf and your gorgeous elf rogue, Serena, are fighting a huge, demonic entity in order to save the world from annihilation. You need your team to stick together and excell at their specific roles in order to achieve success.

State of Decay does not have an official release date as of yet, but we will be sure to keep posted to any news that surfaces. For all of the news regarding this infectious title, take a bite of the information right here.