Save The Date For Kinect Party

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
Double Fine's upcoming Kinect arcade game Kinect Party is, as the developer put it, "more of a toy than a game", but if you're interested in testing the capabilities of the best-selling peripheral, this might be one party you don't want to miss. While everyone else is getting drunk at their friend's Mayan Prophecy kegger, you can be inside experimenting in Double Fine's colorful world.

The unique game has been dated for XBLA for December 18th, and the best news is that it'll be entirely free through the end of the world year, December 31st. Pricing starting on January 1st has not yet been revealed, so in this case being late will not be fashionable.

If you're curious to learn more about this game, you can check out the previous trailer we shared with you, which looks and sounds more like a hallucinogenic trip than an XBLA game. I wonder how long this game's half-life is.

Thanks to all the members of the community that alerted us to this news!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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