2013 Electronic Arts Online Service Shutdowns

By Graymouse,
When you are a developer such as Electronic Arts, it's always a hard decision to retire old games. It's also hard for the customers who have enjoyed playing them throughout the years. Furthermore, as older games are replaced with new titles, the number of players that are still enjoying the older games starts to dwindle. With that in mind, on January 11th, 2013, the latest games that will have their online services shutdown are as follows:

FIFA 11 **
Madden NFL 11
NBA LIVE 10 **
NCAA Football 11
NHL 11 **

The games that have online achievements are marked with asterisks.

For a more comprehensive list of the online services that have been previously shut down, head on over to Electronic Arts Service Updates.

There you have it folks, the latest round of Electronic Arts online service shutdowns. Is one of your favorite games getting the axe? Let us know what you think of the recent shutdowns.

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