Welcome In the 12-Days of Gearsmas

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
With visions of Lancers dancing over little COG's head and a Mauler all tucked away in his bed, it is time to usher in the 12-Days of Gearsmas for Gears of War 3.

Gears 3 Dec.12th

Below is the Horde/Beast schedule which begins December 13th.

Day 1- Fortifications for Free
Day 2- No Team Love
Day 3- Much Bigger Heads
Day 4- 4 Squawking Birds
Day 5- Beasts on the cheap
Day 6- 6 Boomers Flaming
Day 7- Gibbing Comets Ringing
Day8- Experience for Milking
Day 9- Locust Ladies Dancing
Day 10- 10 Lambent Leaping
Day 11- Snowman Heads a Popping
Day 12- Mortars Incoming
Gears 3 Dec.12th

Here is the multiplayer schedule, which also will begin on December 13th.

Day 1- Brothers to the End on all maps playlist
Day 2-4- Hardcore Weekend – No rifles, gnasher/pistol only, map pickups limited to boomshot, digger, torque bow, sniper rifle. There will be NO infinite ammo mutator this time.
Day 5- Can You Dig it?
Day 6- Torque Bow Tag
Day 7 and 8- Boom Snipes
Day 9 and 10- This Is My Rifle
Day 11- Thanksgibbing
Day 12 One Shot One Kill
How many of you will adorn the ol' trusty 'Santa Hat' and venture into the killing fields for some Gearsmas action?

The schedules will begin, as previously mentioned, on December 13th.

Happy Holidays, and happy shooting!

Thank you to all of the community members who sent this news item in!