Fuse Introduces Echelon Mode

By Lexley Ford, 6 years ago
Details have hit the web on a new survival multiplayer mode for Insomniac Games’ upcoming four-person co-op action game, Fuse. Echelon mode is what Insomniac CEO Ted Price is calling "co-opetitive,” a variation on the standard Wave based survival modes we’ve seen from the likes of Gears of War’s 'Horde' and Halo’s 'Firefight' modes.

Players will be tasked with surviving twelve waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The types of enemies you’ll face and your objectives in each wave are randomized, and can vary from killing all of the enemies to fighting for (or holding) territory, though you're always guaranteed two boss battle waves.

Echelon mode will blend the co-operative aspect of working together to ensure group survival, with a competitive rush to grab the constant money drops, which essentially act as experience points. With cash in hand, players will be able to purchase and upgrade abilities, all of which will carry across to all other game modes.

Alongside this new information, we also have some new screenshots to share with you.

Fuse 01

Fuse 2

Fuse 3

Fuse is due for release sometime in March 2013.
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