RAGE Scorches the Marketplace With New DLC

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
RAGE, the graphically amazing shooter from id Software, has been available for the past 14 months. I had to look up the release date of October 4th, 2011, because I honestly forgot all about this game. id Software, and their publisher, Bethesda, clearly did not forget about RAGE as the upcoming DLC packs a number of additions and improvements to the original game, alongside a brand-new mission arc. The following quote is directly from the Bethesda blog, and I am including it because....well...you will see:

In this brand-new adventure spanning six all-new areas, you will fight alongside new allies to defend the Hager Settlment from a maniacal bandit clan known as The Scorchers. Along the way, you’ll participate in a new season of Mutant Bash TV, encounter new mini-games, and wield the overpowering and brutal Nailgun.

Nailgun. It's been awhile since Arachnaphobia was in the theaters, but whenever I hear of a Nailgun weapon, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Don't worry, that's not the only addition RAGE is getting with "The Scorchers" DLC as id is adding "Extended Play". What this means is that, when you finish the original game, it doesn't end and you are able to go around the world, finding collectibles and mopping up achievements.

If that's not enough, a new difficulty level dubbed "Ultra-Nightmare", will be available.

"The Scorchers" will be available next week for 400 MSP.

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this one in!