Metro: Last Light Limited Edition Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Not many people on TA experienced the DLC pack for Metro 2033. The "Ranger Pack" added Ranger Mode and two new weapons. Ranger Mode had two difficulties. Ranger Easy meant that merely one or two bullets would be enough to kill players, but players did 3x damage with their own weapons. Ammo pickups tended to contain less than five bullets and the crosshairs were disabled. Ranger Hardcore completely disabled the Heads-Up Display. One hit would almost certainly mean death and ammo pickups only contained one or two bullets.

Apparently these two difficulty levels became fan favourites. As such, THQ is including Ranger Mode in the Limited Edition version of Metro: Last Light. This edition of the game will also include the AKS-74U Modified Russian Rifle, which is ideal for "claustrophobic combat", and extra Military Grade Bullets for players to use as currency or ammo.

mln 2

All pre-orders will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition version of the game. In fact, all first-run editions of the game will also be Limited Edition. Look out for Metro: Last Light when the game releases in March 2013.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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