Apples to Apples Vanishes From the Marketplace

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
There's a whole load of laughs, good times, partying, drinking, gaming and eating to be had with family and friends every time the holiday season comes around. A lot of us will keep the gaming on the console side of things, where as some of us, or maybe our parents, will be blowing the dust off that old board game that sprouts its own legs and crawls out of the cupboard every year. Apples to Apples could be a choice this year, but unfortunately the XBLA version of the popular board game won't be being played by many newcomers this festive season.

Developed by ImaginEngine and published by THQ back in December last year, Apples to Apples sits at 3.6 out of 5 stars from just under 200 ratings by our wonderful community members here at TA. Just a couple of months ago, the game itself received a major price slash in a XBL Sale from THQ. In yesterday's sale from THQ, you'll notice that this particular XBLA title is nowhere to be seen despite the sale being almost the same as the previous one.

With no official reason as to why Apples to Apples has been delisted from the Marketplace, the world of Xbox LIVE is left with questions that may never be answered. Should any news be released regarding this delisted XBLA title, we will be sure to keep you guys informed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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