GTASC 2013 Sign-up Reminder

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
We know it's the holidays and everyone is probably busy with one hundred things (or more), but we wanted to take some time to remind you about the upcoming Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge 2013. Registrations close in a mere 5 days, so we're going to try to give you everything you need to know before diving in.

Before getting on with those details, we just want to take a second to congratulate the members of team Why do you want to be called Lorella Stan? - Cremebrulee20, DivineWind72, Dalimbak, M4ttch3w, and SXC FRUITPASTEL - for their victory in GTASC 2012. The members of the other teams in the final four - Norfolk 'N chance, Freak Nation, and Master Chief's Minions also deserve credit for the exciting finish.

The GTASC will run a little differently than last year's iteration in that the contest now features three tiers - a beginner tier, meant for those new to the gamerscore scene, a main tier, which will encompass the majority of gamers, and a pro tier intended for the GamerScore elite. If none of those tiers interest you, you can always join the B-side, which is strictly for teams looking to play casually. Before getting into more details on the tiers, however, check out the following thread about what the GTASC is all about.

What is the GTASC?

Over the course of the year-long event, teams will be pitted against each other based on their total TA earned for that week. This means that when roll-over arrives every Saturday, all teams will be remaining teams will be reset to zero. This, of course, also means that pacing yourself is important. Thankfully, to ease the stress during times when you know that members of your team can't put up the big points to stay in, the GTASC offers several opportunities to earn bonus points that your team can use at its discretion. Each bonus is worth a cool 1,000 TA, but go after earning them wisely - you may have to burn more points than they're worth!

GTASC 2013 Bonuses

Why should you join the GTASC? First and foremost, there's the fun of participating in such an event. Though it can occasionally get heated, most people enter just to have an excuse to work on some long-delayed projects with friends. Aside from that, there are prizes for the main tier... and bragging rights. There's always bragging rights.

GTASC 2013 Prizes

Now, after reading all of that, if you want to get involved and have a team ready to go, make sure you head over to the GTASC Homepage and have your team captain register your team. Don't forget that you also have to join the GTASC 2013. For further details on signing up, head here.

If you don't have a team, we have a couple more handy links to share.

Looking for a team - Beginner Tier

Looking for teammates for a beginner team? These teams consist of 4 members. There is no minimum TA to register, but there is a 50,000TA cap. The team cannot have more than a combined total of 180,000TA either. There is no tenure requirement, so if you have a non-registered friend (and why would your friend not be registered here?), get them signed up and on your team!

Looking for a team? - Main Tier

Looking to compete for prizes in the main tier but don't have the people to do it with? Hit up the above thread to look for teammates! Main tier teams are 4 member units. A minimum of 30,000TA is required, but you cannot have more than 350,000TA. The team cap for this tier is 1,100,000TA, and a one year tenure on either TA OR Xbox LIVE is required.

Looking for a team - Pro Tier

Finally, we have the pro tier, which is occupied by those folks that make the rest of us wonder where they could possibly find anymore score to put up for a contest. These 3 person teams must have members who each have over 275,000TA. There is no maximum per individual member, nor is there a team cap. Like the main tier, members are required to have a one year tenure on either TA OR Xbox LIVE.

Registration closes for the contest on December 22nd, so you don't have a whole lot of time to get that together. GTASC 2013 is schedule to launch on January 6th, 2013.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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