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By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Rumours of a new DLC add-on for RAGE had been circulating since June, after PEGI rated a 'title' called "RAGE: The Scorchers" for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Now, a mere 14 months after the game was released at retailers, the game gets its very own DLC add-on. The DLC brings ten new achievements worth a total of 250G.

The DLC adds a sixth clan called the Scorchers. The bandit clan worships 99942 Apophis, the giant asteroid that was the first thing that players saw in the game's prologue and which later went on to destroy the old world. A demigod was responsible for riding the asteroid into the soul of the planet, or so the Scorchers believe, so if they can harness the energy from the asteroid, they will be the toughest clan in the Wasteland. Their bodies and vehicles are decorated with depictions of fire and destruction.

17/12/12 Scorcher Heavy

Reaver is their leader. His brutality and habit of scorching everything that crosses his path is infamous. He hates the Shrouded Clan, possibly because the Shrouded may have some former Scorcher clan members. From the Scorchers Base, the clan controls the area around the Dead City, the area of worst destruction after the asteroid impact.

17/12/12 Scorcher Base 1

17/12/12 Scorcher Base 2

17/12/12 Scorcher Base 3

Motor dominance is important to the Scorchers and players will find vehicular combat to be a challenge. Scorcher patrols usually number three or more vehicles, unlike the single bandit vehicles that players will be used to outside of campaign missions.

With a burning hatred that consumes all it touches, The Scorchers aim to eliminate all life though a sadistic plot to destroy the Wasteland. What they didn’t count on… a hero who fears nothing. Jump back into action with guns blazing and prepare to save humanity once again in RAGE: The Scorchers. With new allies, new weapons and new missions to conquer, you’ll take on overwhelming odds to become the savior the Wasteland needs.
17/12/12 Scorchers Refinery

The add-on pack also includes a new difficulty called ‘Ultra-Nightmare’ for players who are after a challenge. For those who reached the end of the storyline and missed a few optional challenges and collectibles, there is also an ‘Extended Play’ option that allows players to mop these up without having to start a new game.

17/12/12 Bone Mutant

17/12/12 Sarah

17/12/12 Slime Well

"The Scorchers" costs 400 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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