Forza Horizon Free DLC Car Pack Incoming

By Andrew Ogley, 6 years ago
Following on from the car packs and DLC released earlier this month, the folks over at Forza Horizon have announced a new car pack that will be free to download.

The Honda Challenge Car Pack will contain three new cars, all Hondas of course, and a brand new rivals challenge. The cars featured in the pack are the HPD Rally Fit which is a special B-Spec road racer, the 1986 Honda Civic Si Coupe, and finally the 2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe. The last of these three cars is designed to be used in the new "2013 Civic Si Challenge", which is not the usual rivals challenge you would find in the game. In this particular event, players are challenged to beat the time set by real Honda Racing driver, Scott Dixon. All players that beat his time will entered into a competition with a chance to meet Dixon in person.

Forza Horizon Honda Challenge DLC

Forza Horizon Honda Challenge DLC

Furthermore, the Horizon community will be able to vote for which track or location to host the new challenge, which according to the official Forza site can be done through Xbox Live.

It will be up to Horizon gamers to choose what track this event will take place on – the track with the most votes will host the event. Will it be Beaumont, the small town nestled at the foot of the Rockies that is home to so many illicit street races? The dense urban environment of Carson Park? The forests and tunnels of Gladstone? Or the sun-baked mesas of Red Rock? You decide! Look for the Honda section of Xbox LIVE for more information on the “2013 Civic Si Challenge” and the “Honda Car Pack” on Xbox LIVE and vote for your favorite track by January 8, 2013 to lock in your choice.
Finally, there will be a photo contest starting on the pack's release date featuring the Honda Civic Si. Entrants will have the opportunity to win a custom-wrapped Civic Si Xbox 360 console, the exact details of the competition still have to be finalized and will be revealed in due course.

The Honda Challenge Car Pack will be available to download for free from Xbox LIVE on January 15th, 2013.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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