USB Storage Device Support Coming to 360

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
You've been eyeballing those fancy 250 GB HD bundles, with their pictures of Sam Fisher or stylistic colors, but don't jump at the new rig just because of the increased storage capacity!

Why have a brand new, overly expensive Xbox 360 hard drive, when you could simply connect an external hard drive you might already own to your beloved console and store some games on there?

Joystiq obtained documentation which reveals that there is a planned 2010 update to LIVE that will allow our consoles to do just that!

But wait--there's a catch! Actually, quite a few...

1. You can only enable two USB storage devices on your console simultaneously.
2. You can only use a maximum of 16 GB of space per storage device.
3. The storage device must have over 1 GB of available space.

Well, it looks like we'll still be purchasing those HD's, but for people who use a memory unit or other form of storage for transportation, or really prefer to have all their data segmented across a wide variety of devices... this is awesome news!

Huge news, with a huge catch. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who let me know the link was broken. Just a silly bug that should be fixed now!
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