Chapters of Deceit DLC Now Available

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
To the glee and enjoyment of Co-op gameplay fans all around, EA Montreal has released the DLC Chapters of Deceit earlier than anticipated.

Currently available via XBL marketplace for 800MP ($10.00), Chapters of Deceit contains two new chapters of Co-op campaign, extending TFD's seven chapter story to nine chapters, and adding 8 new achievements worth 250GS.

But wait! You may want to hold off on booting up this DLC just yet. Reports have been popping up all over various game forums of problems about the Chapters of Deceit achievements unlocking, with a growing theory that if you have any of the multiplayer achievements from the main game you'll experience problems with the DLC. So far, it is speculated that if you have at least one MP achievement from TFD then not all of the DLC's achievements will unlock but some will, and if you have all 8 of the MP achievements from TFD then none of the DLC's will unlock.

So far only one tentative run-a-round to the problem has been suggested by a gamer, and that is to play Chapters 8 and 9 unplugged from XBL and with the AI partner. No official word about a proper fix to this issue has been announced from either EA Montreal or Microsoft at this point.
Credit for this story goes to DEMON362