The Pinball Arcade May Re-launch [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The last DLC to be released for the XBLA version of The Pinball Arcade was "Table Pack 3" that appeared on the Marketplace at the end of August. Since then, four more table packs and two individual tables have been released on other platforms. Xbox 360 fans of the game wouldn't be blamed for feeling a little left behind, but developer FarSight Studios has had a good reason for this: their XBL publisher Crave Entertainment filed for bankruptcy back in October. This has led the developer needing to find another publisher before being able to release any more content on this console.

This lengthy process is finally nearing the end. Although the new publisher has not yet been revealed, FarSight has confirmed that they are in the final stages of finalizing the contract. The result is that The Pinball Arcade should hopefully be re-launched in January under the new publisher. Here is a statement from FarSight:

We anticipate submitting this new version of the Pinball Arcade in January. FarSight has been assured that all previous purchases can and will be entitled when we re-launch. We will keep our fans updated as best we can and announce when we have firm release dates.
When the game is re-launched, the two latest DLC tables will also be available to download on day one. These are "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Twilight Zone". All players who backed the two tables on Kickstarter will be e-mailed with redemption codes as promised.

FarSight are looking towards 2013 as a year of promise as they are hoping to have 40 tables available for The Pinball Arcade by the end of the year. With the four tables included in the main game and only 16 DLC tables announced so far, this means plenty more upcoming surprises over the next few months.

Edit: Since the publication of this article, FarSight Studios has released footage of the 21st table to be heading to the title, one of the two tables to be included in "Two table add-on pack #8". Take a look at the gameplay from the 1995 table "Attack From Mars".

The second table to be included in the pack will be Gottlieb's 1979 "Genie" table. We'll being you more information on both the re-release of the game and upcoming DLC as we find it!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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