Lord of the Rings: War In the North Announced

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Armed with the license to the novels, and not the movies, WB Games and Snowblind Studios recently announced Lord of the Rings: War In The North for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011.

War in the North is an action RPG that focuses on cooperative gameplay and will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011. Inspired by events from the famous book trilogy, the game features stunning visuals, brutally realistic combat, a unique and compelling new story, and innovative cooperative gameplay that pits you and your friends against the dark forces of Middle-earth.

Along with the announcement of the game, WB Games and Snowblind Studios have launched the official War in the North community site dedicated to the fans of Middle-earth and this new adventure. The site features up-to-date news, including the announcement video. As the site continues to grow, we will continue to add new behind-the-scenes content, including developer interviews and trailers, as well as a meta-game of its own where players can choose an Avatar and level that character up through participation in community activities on the site.
What sticks out from the initial press announcement is the mention of cooperative gameplay. Co-op game play is becoming more and more common these days which leaves the question of how many players? Just two or could we be looking at a full fellowship?

At the moment, the official site for the game http://www.warinthenorth.com/, lists three "classes" for the title: The Race of Man, Elves and Dwarves. No hobbits have been announced so far.

With only two Lord of the Rings titles on the 360, both of which are lacking as far as achievements are concerned. LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth II only has 750 total points while LOTR: Conquest is one of the recent victims of a server shutdown. Now is a great time to bring back the Lord of the Rings franchise to console gaming.
Credit for this story goes to burnthelamb