EA Sports XBL Sale

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
You can tell that Microsoft doesn't have that many employees working during this holiday season. On Xbox.com, some regions still have last week's Deal of the Week showing as they have yet to change it. Those that have the current deals have got to enjoy a handful of EA Sports Games on Demand with small discounts. If you're looking for something better, there's little point in looking on Xbox.com or the Xbox dashboard. There are four EA Sports XBLA games that are on sale too, but they aren't advertised anywhere. This is one of Microsoft's secret sales that tend to get forgotten over the holiday period. Here's the list:

3 on 3 NHL Arcade - 400 MSP 200 MSP
Madden NFL Arcade - 800 MSP 400 MSP
https://www.trueachievements.com/NBA-JAM-OFE/achievemen....htm - 1200 MSP 600 MSP
NFL Blitz - 1200 MSP 600 MSP

All of these discounts are exclusive to Gold Xbox LIVE members, suggesting that they should actually be part of Deal of the Week. However, if you want a sporty XBLA game that is on sale and is available to all Xbox LIVE members, check out this week's Kinect Central discount:

Diabolical Pitch - 800 MSP 400 MSP

These titles are all on sale until January 7th, so don't wait too long to pick them up.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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