Game of the Year 2012: Staff Achievements Picks

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Games weren't the only areas to achieve (sic) excellence in 2012, developers from around the globe once again raised their games this year with some fantastic achievements. In addition to making "Game of the Year" picks, I asked our staff to submit their favorite achievements of 2012. What follows is more than a list... it's a sometimes funny list.

The first achievement on our list was called out by several of our staff members. I'm dubbing this one, the "Jerry Seinfeld Award for Easy Humor".

Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 13 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement explains why this achievement is so near and dear to his funny bone:
This mission was so funny, I really laughed for 15 minutes. First I thought "Is this a trap" but upon shooting, I really laughed for the mentioned time. The name of the guy you need to shoot is also very awesome: Face McShooty. laugh
Second on the list is the "Southie Award for Bostonian Excellence" (presented by Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck).

Assassin's Creed IIIHow D'ya Like Them ApplesThe How D'ya Like Them Apples achievement in Assassin's Creed III worth 22 pointsComplete Sequence 3.

Staffer, imaidiot19 elaborates on what made this pop so special:
Although this game was my most disappointing game of 2012, this achievement was the highlight of the game. Just when I was ready to quit playing the game, this achievement came along and renewed my interest.
Our next achievement is one I'm calling "The Dirty Old Man Award".

Lollipop ChainsawI Swear! I Did It By Mistake!The I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! achievement in Lollipop Chainsaw worth 12 pointsPeeped under Juliet's skirt once.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, several staffers picked this shame-inducing pop as their favorite. Speaking on behalf of the peepers is DragonYen :
I just like that the developer doesn't try to hide the reason most guys were first interested in the game.
Dishonored had several achievements named by several members of the staff. With that in mind, I'm calling the next award the "Out of Left Field Award for Unexpected Excellence".

DishonoredGhostThe Ghost achievement in Dishonored worth 93 pointsComplete all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but the key targets

alanp9 tells us why this achievement was his favorite of the year:
Imagine a game that casts you in the role of an assassin with supernatural powers, only to add the possibility of playing through the entire story without ever killing or even being seen by an enemy. Now imagine that the game managed to make such a playthrough rewarding rather than dull and punishing. This is the magic trick that the Ghost achievement in Dishonored managed to dazzle us with.
The next achievement is being awarded the "Tyler Durden Award for Excellence in Secrecy".

Hitman: AbsolutionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Hitman: Absolution worth 15 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Recently-initiated space monkey, Shadow Enz, tells us why he's willing to break the first rule to nominate this award:
Destroying Something Beautiful (is my favorite achievement) because of the Fight Club reference in the name, as well as the challenge of such a kill in a stealth game. You can customize the way you want to obtain the achievement, and orchestrate the method you use to unlock it. I like the freedom in that; there's satisfaction in setting up an assassination how you want to, and getting the achievement to pop to seal the deal when the deed is done.
Even though Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition didn't bring home the bacon as a big winner amongst staff picks for "Game of the Year", it did have several achievements recognized for excellence. The next award is the "Cross Game Reference Award".

Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionThe LieThe The Lie achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition worth 52 pointsBake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

Mystic Typh00n tells us why "The Lie" took the cake for him:
Something about connecting a meme with an achievement is magical. No other achievement had quite a great name or reference such as this one, which is why it earned my favorite achievement in 2012.
Our final award is being dubbed "The Big Kahuna Award for Ratio Supremacy" as it had the highest ratio of any submitted achievement.

Dance Central 3Ten Large!The Ten Large! achievement in Dance Central 3 worth 162 pointsEarn "Flawless" on at least 10,000 moves.

Motion mistress,, explains why she is now queen of the ratio mountain:
Just because while the majority would disagree, I LOVE it when games have a seriously grindy achievement for those that are really dedicated. And this one (combined with the 'Really Nice Moves' achievement) takes lots and lots of shaking your thing, and shaking it good!
Runners Up in this category were OMG Indeed! submitted by LitaOsiris and 24 Carat Joe! submitted by Ergo Me Smart.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank all of the staff for participating and sending me their thoughts on this year in gaming.

Here's to a great 2013, tons of great games, and loads of fantastic achievements!

Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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