Assassin's Creed III Is Battle Hardened [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Edit: The achievements have now been added to There are four achievements worth a total of 100G. People who have yet to play the DLC can now play without any worries. Those of you who had unlocked the achievements before they were uploaded to will want to follow the steps below to rectify the issue.

Original Story

Assassin's Creed III fans will already know that there is story-based DLC on the way. The "Tyranny of King Washington" will be released in three episodes over the course of this year. This isn't the first DLC for the game though; not counting the pre-order bonuses, the "Battle Hardened Pack" has arrived today.

8/1/13 DLC Main Image

As well as some bonus customisation items, the DLC adds three new characters and three new maps to the multiplayer experience. The three characters are:

• The Influential Governor

8/1/13 DLC Influential Governor

• The Fearsome Coyote Man

8/1/13 DLC Fearsome Coyote Man

• The Resilient Highlander

8/1/13 DLC Resilient Highlander

The three maps can be used in standard multiplayer modes and Wolfpack modes. They are:

• The lush, tropical environment of Saint Pierre
• The moody, atmospheric stronghold of Fort St-Mathieu
• The embattled, enflamed Boston neighbourhood of Charlestown

8/1/13 DLC Screen 1

8/1/13 DLC Screen 3

8/1/13 DLC Screen 2

8/1/13 DLC Screen 4

8/1/13 DLC Screen 5

8/1/13 DLC Screen 6

The DLC adds four new achievements worth an unknown amount of gamerscore. This is unknown because they have not yet been added to Those of you who unlock the achievements now will notice that they are not being added to your gamerscore or achievement total and I would advise holding off from playing the DLC until the achievements are added properly. Unfortunately, those of you who unlock the achievements beforehand will have to recover your gamertag and then earn the achievements again for them to be added to your gamerscore.

"Assassin's Creed® III: The Battle Hardened Pack" costs 800 MSP and can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, if you are a Season Pass holder, the DLC can be downloaded in-game for no extra cost.
Rebecca Smith
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