F1 Race Stars Travels to New Locations

By Rebecca Smith,
F1 Race Stars have already travelled further afield to the European city of Valencia. If that track didn't tempt you back in November, you may be more interested in the three new tracks that have arrived today. Why? They each bring five new achievements worth 100G; adding the three together brings a grand total of 15 new achievements and 300G.

"F1 RACE STARS™ CanadaTrack" - 400 MSP

Download the F1 RACE STARS™ Canada Track where the mayhem comes in solo, split-screen and online play! Dodge the grumpy groundhogs and race across a frozen river in this brand new F1 RACE STARS circuit!
8/1/13 Canada 1

8/1/13 Canada 2

8/1/13 Canada 3

"F1 RACE STARS™ China Track" - 400 MSP

Download the F1 RACE STARS™ China Track now! Race against the cast of F1 RACE STARS and share the fun in online and split-screen in this brand new circuit. Whip through water gardens and race along a dragon’s back as you speed through China!
8/1/13 China 1

8/1/13 China 2

8/1/13 China 3

"F1 RACE STARS™ India Track" - 400 MSP

Download the F1 RACE STARS™ India Track now! Experience incredible India in single-player, online and in split-screen! Make your move through a mountain railway pass, overtake in the overgrown ruins and power through palace gardens in this great new circuit.
8/1/13 India 1

8/1/13 India 2

8/1/13 India 3

The tracks can not be purchased in a bundle -- they have to be purchased separately.

We've got the full list of F1 Race Stars achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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