Fable III - An Episodic Story

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
In a very recent interview with bit-tech published only today, Peter Molyneux revealed some further information relating to the delivery of the story in Fable III.

Speaking about the sheer size of Fable, Molyneux had this to say:

We’ve always had a feel for Fable as a game that’s got a big story, that starts in King Arthur's time and goes through this big arc so in some ways we’re [just] playing out that, but I’ve often thought it would be brilliant to be walking through Charles Dickens’ London.

It was such a dark place and very episodic too – so we’re doing that with Fable 3, we’ll give you the first big episodes, and you’ll be able to download new episodes, which is analogous to the way Dickens wrote.
With a mixed audience for episodic content, as proven by some games released previously, this might not be information fans of Fable III were hoping for (myself included).

However, further information direct from the horses mouth as Molyneux spoke to bit-tech are likely to help soothe fears over the inclusion of Natal in Fable III.

We’ve been working on Natal for some time – we created Milo for the first demo – and we’d be crazy not to integrate the two...

You still need a controller to play Fable 3 but there are places in the world where you can use Natal, where it’s cute, funny, engaging. You don’t need it but it does enable an enhanced Fable 3.

My vision is imagine if we could have a really joyful experience. What we showed at E3 with Milo, it’s a little crack in that. We can make something wonderful and joyful.
Whatever the planned strategy for delivering additional content to the title, and the level of Natal involvement, we can be certain that when Fable III arrives at the end of this year, it will shift copies, and fast.