MLB Bobblehead Games Removed From Marketplace

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
Joining the recent wave of de-listings, we now have two more sports titles from Konami. Just yesterday, we reported the Windows Phone title Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (WP) was removed from the marketplace. Today, we discovered that the XBLA titles MLB Bobblehead Pros and MLB Bobblehead Battle, both of which were also developed and produced by Konami, have been pulled from the marketplace.

Considering MLB Bobblehead Pros has been played by under 700 gamers and MLB Bobblehead Battle failed to crack even 200 gamers, does anyone even care? Is this the proverbial tree falling in the woods of XBLA de-listings?

No statements from either Microsoft or Konami have been released as of this time. While the THQ removals are easy to explain due to the whole bankruptcy issue, this makes three Konami titles pulled in the past 24 hours. Is it a case of circling the wagons or simply cutting some content which we can safely assume, failed to turn a profit?

Feel free to provide your own rampant speculation in the comments!

Oh, and if anyone says "I was just about to download these games", they are lying.