Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC Inbound

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
The first load of DLC content will be making its way to Treyarch's first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, packed with a heavy amount of new multiplayer content to keep the good gun-filled times rolling for many hours at a time. Four multiplayer maps, a new map and game mode for Zombies, and a new weapon for multiplayer will included in the upcoming DLC pack.

The multiplayer maps all look set to offer some seriously unique experiences for those flying through the prestiges.

'Hydro' is based in Pakistan at a hydroelectric dam. Players face more dangers than just the bloodthirstyness of the opposing team as spillways can become flooded with water at anytime. If any players get caught in the rushing water, apparently, "you are dust".

'Grind' is a huge skate park found in California’s Venice Beach. There's no fancy skating, kickflips and grabs to be found here, and there's barely any cover too! Players will do battle within and around large half-pipes and skate ramps which force players to feel slightly uncomfortable with how exposed they will be venturing through the skating structures. There won't be much wall-hugging or corner-peeping at this skate park!

'Downhill' provides much more comfort and camping with it's luxurious vantage points and long pathways as the fights will take place at a French Alps ski resort. Freezing weather, fluffy snow, cold dead bodies and even killer Gondolas should make playing Downhill a ton of fun.

For some much hotter weather, 'Mirage' heads out to the desert in China. Battling around what would've been a luxury resort, the sand has taken its toll on the buildings of Mirage and has made particular rooms and windows accessible thanks to the newly made slopes and hills.

Zombies is literally set to hit new heights with the new map called 'Die Rise', not to be confused with 'Der Riese' originally from Call of Duty: World at War. No zombie factories are included this time, just a bunch of skyscrapers which don't look to be in the best shape. With a focus more on the vertical aspect of zombies, the undead will be coming at you from ALL directions. If you end up in a rush to drop down to the next floor, just make sure there's ground to actually land on as elevator shafts may be your route to joining the dead! "Brand new buildables and Wonder Weaponry" will be included with the map, but could we be looking at new Easter Eggs too?

'Turned', which may remind some of you of 'Payne Killer' in Max Payne 3, gives players the chance to smell like an actual Zombie! One lone human player will be pitted against human controlled Zombies as they try to take down the human. Upon a successful kill, the zombie then becomes the lone human and takes their turn at fighting off the undead. One question that will definitely spring to mind here is; how many Zombie players will there be at one time?

Lastly, a new weapon will be included in the DLC pack, this being the "first time in franchise history" that a weapon has been added to the game via a DLC pack. The 'Peacekeeper' will be an exclusive SMG-Assault Rifle which will only be available for owners of the upcoming "Revolution" DLC and it will come with its own list of challenges from which players can earn some extra XP.

With all of the info you need, it's time to see the maps, modes and the Peacekeeper in action in this newly released preview trailer:

The "Revolution" DLC map pack will be available on January 29th with a price tag of 1200 MSP. Season Pass holders can download the map pack on the same day, at no extra charge.

Thank you to all of the community members who sent this news in!
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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