Happy Wars Launches a Fan Appreciation Campaign

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Happy Wars marked the start of a new Microsoft initiative -- the Free to Play scheme. Although players can opt into micro-transactions to enhance their experience, the entire game can be completed without having to spend a penny / cent / yen... you get the idea. The currency for the micro-transactions are Happy Tickets and several community members alerted us to the fact that developer ToyLogic is currently giving away 40 free Happy Tickets to every player as part of a newly launched Fan Appreciation campaign. The tickets can be used to purchase premium equipment, character customization items, Spawn Stronger and more. The tickets will be awarded to players as soon as they start the game.

Many TrueAchievements members liked Happy Wars enough to award the title the Best Action Game of 2012 in our annual Game of the Year awards. Most of you would probably think that awards like this would go unnoticed by developers and publishers. That isn't the case. We had a pleasant surprise yesterday when ToyLogic got in touch and asked us to pass on a message to all of the community members who voted for the game in the recent poll. Here is the message that Toylogic's CEO and director of Happy Wars, Yoichi Take, asked us to pass on:

Many thanks for the "Best Action Game" award. The entire Happy Wars team danced with joy at the announcement!

Action gameplay is very important to Happy Wars, so it is greatly satisfying to be chosen as Best Action Game.

Because this is the result of voting by 100,000 hardcore gamers, to me, our selection as Best Action Game on TrueAchievements is more significant and valuable that awards from any other media.

Respecting the valuable feedback of our fans, we are totally excited about continuing with our ongoing series of Happy Wars updates throughout 2013!
Be sure to stick with us here at TA as we bring you the details of those updates as the year goes on.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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