Tomb Raider Limited Edition Controller Revealed

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held annually in Las Vegas to show off the newest gizmos, gadgets, and do-hickeys. Among the Ultra HD 4000p televisions and unbreakable smartphone screens, a smaller announcement was made, but it's one that suits our community quite well. Coming to stores right around the release of Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider is the new and limited edition Tomb Raider wireless Xbox 360 controller.


From the appearance of the controller, it seems Lara had it hanging by her carabiner for a few adventures. Here's Major Nelson himself, Larry Hryb, to feature the new controller more closely.

Like Larry and I have each alluded to, the controller was not given an exact release date, but when it does come out around the game's March 5th launch, you can pick it up for $59.99.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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