GameCrush brings PlayDates to Xbox LIVE!

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Give me a moment. Just one. This is the first news article for TA that has made me really stop and think "hard" about the state of the world. Every now and then a story will "pop up" that makes you question your choice of hobby. This is one of those stories.

Allow me to introduce you all to GameCrush, the first adult social networking site for gamers. Heavy emphasis on adult as the point of GameCrush is getting together with someone for an online gaming experience that can be defined as either "flirty" or "dirty." Sadly for the rest of us "soul crushingly depressing" is not a listed option.

Here's the actual GameCrush press release for your own two eyes:

SAN FRANCISCO – March 23, 2010 GameCrush, now available in public beta, introduces an entirely new interactive social gaming experience allowing gamers to meet, match and pay to play online games with other users (PlayDates). GameCrush is the only online service that allows gamers to choose a companion to spice up their favorite online games. Both Players and PlayDates define the experience they want- either “flirty” or “dirty”, choosing from some of the most popular console titles and casual web-based games. To register for free, visit

On GameCrush, players can find their perfect PlayDate through browsing their profiles and chatting live with them. Players can then purchase a live one-on-one private gaming session, complete with two-way video and text chat.

Designed to appeal to female and male gamers alike, GameCrush offers games to suit a variety of tastes, from casual web-based games to the hottest console titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Gears of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Initially games are available on GameCrush’s own exclusive video-enabled gaming platform and on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE network. In addition, GameCrush will soon be available for platforms such as Sony’s PlayStation 3, World of Warcraft, and other online gaming environments.

GameCrush delivers comprehensive social tools that allow PlayDates to post profiles complete with picture galleries, video clips, blogs and text chat. PlayDates can make up to $30 or more per hour while having fun playing online games. After a game session is completed, Players rate their gaming experience, and top-rated PlayDates are rewarded with enhanced site promotion and additional benefits.

About GameCrush

Based in San Francisco, CA, GameCrush is the first adult online social site that allows users to meet, match and pay to play online games with other users to enhance their gaming experience. Offering players a variety of console and PC based Games to choose from, GameCrush is the hottest way for gamers to connect and play. Through the GameCrush site, users can browse and search from an extensive list of PlayDates, and site registration is always free. GameCrush charges $6.60 USD for a ten minute PlayDate session on Microsoft's Xbox LIVE.To become a real player, visit

Seriously, the options mentioned for your intimate Playdate are "flirty" or "dirty." Towards the end of that release however, you may have noticed that no matter your choice, it's going to be expensive. $6.60 for every 10 minutes!? All of a sudden the Modern Warfare 2 DLC looks like a great deal!

If you are anything like me, you may be thinking that while all this sounds horribly exploitative, a waste of time and money, surely no one will actually sign up and pay for this sort of thing? Right?

Wrong. When I went to the GameCrush site to find out exactly what this program was like, I was greeted with the following message:

The GameCrush Public Beta is temporarily unavailable due to the incredible user response (more than 10,000 inquiries in five minutes). We are adding new servers to provide players with the best PlayDate experience possible. Games with GameCrush PlayDates start at $6.60 for ten minutes.


So while I was unable to get my Playdate on due to the massive volume of site traffic, frequent TA contributor N0RVY passed along a link to an excellent IGN article detailing an actual Playdate:

If you really want to game with someone over Xbox LIVE that may or may not be hot whispering dirty things into your headset, for $6.60 every 10 minutes, more power to you.

For $0 a minute, you can game with me and I'll whisper dirty things in your headset instead. smile
Credit for this story goes to N0RVY