State of Decay Survival Guide

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
When the thralls of a zombie apocalypse ravage the inner spirit of man, dog, and flowers alike, it is always a welcome sight when a survival guide arrives to help progress you through the day.

Today is that special day as Undead Labs have found the journal of Thomas Ritter and have decided to share the insights with the world in order to help survivors succeed in their upcoming title State of Decay.

decay jan.12th

Ritter explains in this segment that when in doubt, seek shelter. Find a comfortable abode that will protect you from the evils that have plagued the once serene land around you.

Here is an excerpt from his journal:
Spiritual comforts aside, the reason we’ve stayed at the church this long is simple: the grounds are completely walled in. We’ve placed barbed wire around much of the exterior, but of course this is only a slight annoyance to the dead. They just keep struggling through it until they slip inside, but it’s better than nothing.
He further explains that vantage points are a necessary ingredient to ensure you and your company's safety. Building lookout points such as church belltowers will make for an excellent view of the pending doom waiting for you outside. A survivor will be able to see for roughly a mile in each direction, which in turn, will give you enough time to prepare for anything that wants to invade your stronghold.

The radio is not something that you wil be using for listening to the Bee Gees or Wu-Tang, no. The radio will be a beacon of transmissions of safety or distress calls. Whether you are searching for the BBC, CBC, or another survivor singing the ABC's, the radio will be your ear to the world.

Lily Ritter explains:
And when somebody finds a building with the ammunition or medicine or food that we need, they can Radio Home, and we can swoop in, load up, and get out of their more efficiently because we’re all in constant contact. And no one person has to take all the risks. We’re a team, after all.
Not unlike the TV show, a good community will be very helpful to your progress through this horrid land. Having a variety of skilled individuals is better than being a lone wolf who can kill a ton of the undead but can't put on a band aid.

Pastor William Mulroney states:
Typically, this manifests as a prevailing mood or attitude. Although there are many, many specific attitudes, I have come to view them all as some expression of Calm, Pride, Hope, Fear, Sadness, Anger or Shame. I have seen that positive attitudes tend to increase someone’s energy level, while the negative attitudes have the opposite effect. In addition, each of these core attitudes may display itself in a different way depending on the individual. When Lily is Proud, I have seen her become more Assertive, contributing a lot of positive energy to the community and reassuring those who have succumbed to fear. On the other hand — and I should note that I know Sam will not be offended if I use her as an example — When Sam is feeling Proud, she tends to become a bit Insensitive. This has no ill effects on her, of course, but it does on occasion mean that I must make a greater effort to prevent those who are already suffering from a negative mood from pushing further into negativity.
As we can see, keeping good morale is essential. It is not wise to be a "Negative Nancy" when dealing with a situation such as a zombie apocalypse. However, this is not saying that dreaming of pixies, rainbows and listening to Justin Bieber will make all of the proverbial "poop hitting the fan" any less bearable, it is more than likely to become a hindrance that gets a possible loved one killed.

Crisis and Challenges:
With the tragic events unfolding around you it is wise to be aware of the situations that will arise. Gone are the days of bearskin rugs and triple esspresso-vanilla bean curd-dandelion honey-frappuccino, instead they are replaced with, well, canned beans, mediocre high-fives and a slew of undead zombies who want to feast on your stomach sausage.

Resident Sam Hoffman has a detailed list of what to look out for:
Food (and Water) — This has to be priority number one. If you don’t keep this stocked people will take all kinds of risks on their own. Plus hunger makes people weak and a lot more vulnerable to Zeds. (And by people, I mean you, asshole. You aren’t immune to any of these effects just because you think you’re a tough guy.)
Medicine — One bite probably ain’t gonna kill you. Unless it goes septic. Then you’re fucked. Oh, and then there was poor fucking Brent with his weak-ass immune system. How you gonna die of pneumonia? Long story short: everyone’s paranoid about every sneeze or cough now, so you’ll find your antibiotics, antihistamines, cough suppressants, and everything else disappearing mysteriously whenever anyone feels a tiny tickle in the back of their throat.
Ammo — Hey, I enjoy bashing in a Zed skull as much as anyone, but if you’re up close enough to hit them, you’re close enough for them to grab you, right? When everyone has guns and ammo, staying alive is a hell of a lot easier. (Just make sure your people attach suppressors to their guns. Some people are dumb enough to think they can walk into town, go all Expendables, and not get mobbed.)
Building materials — I used to live in this shithole apartment down in Marshall. Damn roof would leak every winter. Had this one window that wouldn’t shut right. And that was without psycho flesh-eating Hordes attacking multiple times a day. Point is, you want to make sure you’ve got that angle bracket and those nails handy in advance. Don’t worry about putting together a specific shopping list, just get building Materials of every kind you can find so that no matter what happens, you’ll have it covered. (Plus, you should consider some construction projects, like maybe a locked Storage area. I bet that’d slow down how fast everything gets used up if people had to be more conspicuous about grabbing stuff.)
Fuel — I’m not really worried about any cars running out of gas just yet, but a good old-fashioned Molotov full of gasoline instead of alcohol is the shit. Plus if we ever want to get some power tools working up in here, we’re going to need some gas-powered generators, I’m pretty sure.
Here are a few quick points of interest that survivors need to pay attention to:

The first things we built ourselves were the Watchtower and the Infirmary. I’ve already touched on the value of the Watchtower, and I see that Pastor William has explained the importance of the Infirmary, but there are a lot of other things we should consider building.
Other Communities:
Anyway, my point is this: We’ve got a decent enough crew at the church, but when I look at those other fools out there, it’s a marvel that any of them are still alive. Sometimes you get one of those guys who’s trying to gather up supplies in some location that you already scouted, and he offers to split the goods. You’ve run into that, right? Goddamn freeloaders.

Once that stuff’s been looted, it’s gone forever. It’s a waste to let some idiot who isn’t going to survive the week use up valuable resources that would do more good feeding you and yours, but I’ve still done it. It’s just in my nature to protect the little guy, I guess.
The way I like to visualize it is this: Every day, you start with a certain amount of Influence. The more Fame you’ve acquired with your actions, the more Influence you start with. Every time you take something extra from the emergency supply locker, every time you convince the community to build Garden instead of a combat Training Area, every time you Radio Home to have someone else come collect all that hefty loot you found in somebody’s garage, you’re spending that Influence
Just as important, a Workshop would be the key to us keeping all our weapons and guns in good shape. Encounters with the Dead are unavoidable and the wear and tear on our equipment adds up quickly. I think we could manage the repairs as one of our background maintenance tasks, just like the wall repairs. As with everything, we’ll take shifts, and as long as we have materials and tools for it, every weapon left in the supply locker gets checked out and worked on overnight.
Well, there you have it, survivor hopefuls, a very detailed list of how to succeed in the zombie apocalypse.

State of Decay will be available for download from the XBL Marketplace at some point this year. We will be sure to keep you posted as more news surfaces surrounding this upcoming title.