Dead Space 3 Limited Dev-Team Edition Announced

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
The folks over at Visceral Games have gotten together with TreehouseBrand Stores to come up with an exclusive bundle for fans of the upcoming title Dead Space 3. Titled 'The Dev-Team Edition', the bundle contains a whole load of Dead Space goodies that were selected by the developers themselves, all packaged together in a special tin crate.

The new collectors package is introduced in a short video clip where Steve Papoutsis (VP/GM Visceral Games) and a number of the team members explain what some of the items are and why they wanted them included in the bundle... and what a bundle it is! There are seven special collectables including a marker statue, data pad, Med Pack bottle, a jotter, an art book, a set of three posters, and finally a set of six postcards.

It is worth mentioning that this is a limited number edition with only 5000 being produced and, unsurprisingly, it does come at a premium price. The complete bundle including the game and the two previously announced DLC's will cost $160, and the bundle without the game will cost a little less, a paltry $100. Both bundles are available for order now from the official site; the special crates will be sent ahead of the title's release and the game will be sent later when officially available.

Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

All the items are detailed below with the quotes coming directly from the official site.

8" Black Marker Statue
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

The Black Marker is an alien artifact found on Earth in 2214. It radiates a signal that—depending on your intelligence—either induces dementia or imprints blueprints into your brain for reproducing more Markers. The signal also creates gruesome, violent, life-after-death reanimations of dead flesh known as Necromorphs. The Marker's final purpose is revealed in the story of Dead Space 3.

This Marker is a custom molded and painted polyresin statue, and everyone's fingers are crossed that it doesn't end up driving people insane.
Aluminum Data Pad
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Before there were holograms, there were layered plates of projected data on glass. This flipbooks recalls the nostalgia of the 200-year old technologies from the Sovereign Colonies era, showcasing an array of fascinating characters, ships, Necromorphs, and aliens from Dead Space 3.

Data Pad is a 10" by 7" hinged aluminum flip book that features 9 sets of pages made up of framed PET sheets and printed cardstock backing pages.
Med Pack Water Bottle
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

The Med Pack is a single-dose standard issue healing agent commonly used in the highly dangerous, isolated work environments of outer space. The vastly accelerated healing effects routinely save lives, but often result in misaligned bones and other soft tissues, requiring follow-up surgeries to correct.

Custom molded 14-oz water bottle with a flip spout lid.
Bound SCAF Jotter
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Doctor Earl Serrano, the head of Marker research on Tau Volantis, kept a careful journal of his findings under the watchful eye of the Sovereign Colonies military arm as he uncovered the shocking first-ever archeological contact with true aliens. The Bound SCAF Jotter with Dr. Serrano's notes has 20 pages of Dead Space lore and some blank pages for your own discoveries.
SCAF Posters
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Nostalgic posters for an era long gone, the SCAF represents the government prior to EarthGov 200 years ago, when space travel was done without Shockpoint drives, and was only for the bold and the courageous—and the military.

Set of three 12" by 5" vintage-feeling posters printed on 80-pound paper.
Peng Postcards
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Peng as a phenomena stretches back over 200 years, as evidenced by these Sovereign Colonies-era postcards! No one knows who started Peng, or what its origins are. It had morphed into a pseudo-sexual morale booster for the troops even back then.

The pack comes with 6 vintage post cards.
96 Page Mini Art Book
Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

Dead Space 3 - Dev Edition Collectables

A beautiful collection of the most haunting and visually-stunning concept art used in the production of Dead Space 3, produced exclusively for the Dev Team Edition.

Book measures 4.75" by 6.5".
Dead Space 3 has a release date of February 5th for North America and February 8th for Europe.

Thanks to all members of the community who brought the story to our attention.
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