Achievement Preview Spotlight: The Cave

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Xbox LIVE Arcade titles had a banner year in 2012, with some amazingly high quality titles. As such, it seemed only appropriate that we use the Achievement Preview Spotlight to take a look at next week's Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer reunion joint, The Cave.


First, let's take a look at the good news. As one of the newest arcade titles, The Cave comes flush with the sweet, sweet taste of 400 gamerscore, meaning you'll get more pops for your points.

The bad news is that nine of the 27 achievements are hidden behind the "Secret" wall. Of the eighteen that we can see, a few jump out as quite interesting.

Much like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, and Forrest and Jenny, the next two achievements go together like another simile.

Shoplifting in The Cave

Remorse in The Cave
Remorse10 (5)
Remembered it's wrong to steal.

Just what exactly are you going to have to steal? Why would you feel compelled to give it back? Regardless, one thinks that these two guys go together like White Castle and urgent, extended visits to the WC.

As an unabashed fan of the 90's Seattle music scene, the next achievement makes me yearn for flannel, coffee, and crunchy riffs.

Smells Like Team Spirit in The Cave
Everyone is gross.

I only hope that the actual earning of this achievement is as hilarious as the description makes it seem.

I've been staring at this next achievement description for the better part of thirty seconds and am still at a loss for words.

Walk Like An Adventurer in The Cave
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.

I think everyone has (at some point in their life) done the "walk like an Egyptian" thing. I'm really curious to see exactly how this is incorporated into the game.

As a home gourmet, the next achievement jumped out at me not only for its selflessness, but also for the allusion to delicious meat products.

Well Done in The Cave
Well Done17 (10)
Sacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor.

One can only assume that this achievement will entail throwing oneself into the fires of calamity, much like Joe did with the volcano.

*ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - Two Tom Hanks references in one story.*

The final achievement to pick up some spotlight love is a high value achievement (for The Cave anyway) that fills me with wonder.

The Whole Story in The Cave
Collector of forgotten dreams.

This achievement could be a collectible-based achievement or it could be something completely different. With Double Fine at the helm, one can never really be sure the avenues their collective mad genius will take.

"The Whole Story" isn't the only high-value target in The Cave; other achievements of note include: Who Wants to Live Forever, Win-win-win-win-win-win-win, and possibly What You Always Wanted.

The Cave is set for a release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade next Wednesday. Be sure to stay tuned to TA for our official review next week!
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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