Disney Infinity Takes on Skylanders

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Rumours started circulating last month about the fact that Disney were trying to create their own version of Activision's successful franchise Skylanders. Yesterday, those rumours became true in the form of Disney Infinity. The game springs up from the success of the Toy Box mode in Toy Story 3. Avalanche Software were tasked with creating a follow-up game that expanded on the idea. The result is a title that will implement a portal-like base and a range of interactive pieces based on Disney and Pixar properties that players can use to customise their game.

When the game launches, there will be 40 collectible interactive pieces available. These include character figures, of which there will be 17 at launch. Each character will belong to a "Play Set", which is a world created specifically for the characters from that specific Disney/Pixar property. In this mode, the gameplay will be story-driven with players having to solve puzzles, fight enemies and explore locations in the world.

16/1/13 Portal

The starter pack for the game will include the Disney Infinity Base and three interactive character figures. Once the figures and other interactive pieces are placed on the base, these will be implemented into the game. As shown in the picture above, the three starter figures will be Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean, Sully from the upcoming Monsters University and Mr Incredible from The Incredibles. Each of these belongs to their own Play Set, so players will have access to three worlds when the game launches.

To play as other characters from these worlds, players will be able to purchase extra character figures. Other confirmed character pieces from The Incredibles Play Set include Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Syndrome.

16/1/13 Incredibles 1

16/1/13 Incredibles 2

16/1/13 Incredibles 3

16/1/13 Incredibles 4

The Monsters University list is currently a little smaller. The only other confirmed character from this film is Mike, although this may change with the release of the film in June.

16/1/13 Monsters University 1

16/1/13 Monsters University 2

16/1/13 Monsters University 3

16/1/13 Monsters University 4

The Pirates of the Caribbean list includes Hector Barbossa and Davy Jones.

16/1/13 Pirates of the Caribbean 1

16/1/13 Pirates of the Caribbean 2

16/1/13 Pirates of the Caribbean 3

16/1/13 Pirates of the Caribbean 4

16/1/13 Pirates of the Caribbean 5

As players work their way through each Play Set, they will collect "unique characters, vehicles and gadgets" to use in the new Toy Box mode. As they could in Toy Story 3, players can create their own world using everything that they've collected and unlocked. At this point, all of the characters and items are no longer franchise-locked, for example items that are found in the Monsters University world can be used by Captain Jack Sparrow.

16/1/13 Toy Box 1

16/1/13 Toy Box 2

16/1/13 Toy Box 3

Up to two characters can be placed on the Base at any time, providing local co-op for two players. Online co-op can accommodate up to four players. The characters occupy the circular slots on the Base, but eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a third hexagonal slot. This slot is for the placement of the second type of interactive pieces: Power Discs. There are two types of discs. A circular disc can be placed underneath a character piece to add character-specific bonuses. A hexagonal disc adds new powers, items and customisation options to the Toy Box mode in the game.

The character artwork and trailer below also confirm that characters, settings and items from Cars, Toy Story, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Phineas and Ferb, Wreck-It Ralph, Cinderella, Lilo and Stitch and Dumbo will be appearing in the game. I strongly suggest viewing the character art in the screenshot viewer as opposed the straining your eyes.

16/1/13 Character Lineup

The content of the game has not yet been finalised, but at the reveal announcement, several Power Discs were on display from an even wider range of Disney properties. Character buffs were spotted for Bolt and Frankenweenie, while items and customisation options were spotted from The Muppets, Brave, Tangled and Peter Pan.

Disney Infinity is due to be released in June.
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