Move Your Xbox LIVE Account to a New Region

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Sometimes the job calls, you may meet that special person or you have a craving to explore the planet; the only problem that is stopping you in your tracks is that your Xbox couldn't be migrated to a new region. All has changed now folks. Microsoft announced via Twitter that gamers will be able to migrate their account to other Xbox LIVE supported regions.

Today we will deliver all of the info regarding the "how to" of what you will need to do in order to make sure the move is a swift and painless one.

If you follow the link in the Tweet you will need to pass those pesky little security proofs that Microsoft implemented to ensure your account's safety. Make sure that you remember the alternate email address or cell phone number that you added to your account in order for you to receive the much needed code Microsoft will send to you for verification of your account.

Below are the details of what you will take during the account migration and some of the apps and so forth that won't be able to make the trip with you:

Here’s what moves with you:
1.Your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox LIVE profile
2.Any Microsoft Points already in your account
3.Any remaining time on your Gold membership

You can only move between Xbox LIVE regions once every 3 months.

What can’t move:
1. Some services you use now might not be available in your new region.
To find info about services, like TV providers, available in a specific region, visit the website for that region. (To find that other region’s website, click the name of your current region at the bottom of any page.)

2. Xbox Music subscriptions can’t be moved.
If you have a current Xbox Music subscription, it will be cancelled as part of the move. Any subscription time remaining can’t be refunded.

3. Some content may be blocked in the new region because of legal obligations or regional restrictions. Before you change your region, make sure you’ve downloaded any purchased content you want to keep, like movies or music. Content purchases aren’t refundable.

Note If certain conditions apply, you might be prevented from changing your account’s region.
Once you have looked over all the details and have made your decision to move, now is the time to figure out what Xbox LIVE region you will be moving to. Also, if you are having any issues regarding the account move than you can follow any of the necessary troubleshooting steps or check and make sure you make the criteria.

Alright fellow gamers, happy trails. The Xbox LIVE account migration is live now and hopefully the move of the account is a pleasurable and swift one.