Happy Wars To Get Third Title Update

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
It seems like just yesterday that we crowned Happy Wars as the Best Action Game of 2012. Toy Logic's free XBLA title has tons of fans and now has another update to make your playing experience more happy.

PlayXBLA has all of the patch notes:

Participation in a Team Skill will now function properly…it’s a Happy Miracle!

Some of you might have had trouble purchasing parts for customizing your character. This has been fixed, so shop away!

The castle gate sometimes remained open when migrating the host. This has been fixed, so no one can sneak into your castle!

The opponent that killed your character didn’t always display on the Spawn Stronger screen, but we’ve fixed it! It’s always nice to keep your enemies closer…

Some of you mentioned that you didn’t see any error messages if your game didn’t auto-save or you were experiencing network errors. We updated this, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on!

We also noticed that not everyone was able to see the correct billboard sign once they signed on to Happy Wars. Some people weren’t even able to get help in-game with the stage settings. We’ve fixed this, allowing you to see news and information on the billboards as well as get help with stage settings!
Toy Logic says that they're still testing a few things out with the patch, but it should be going live soon-ish.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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