Street Fighter x Tekken Patch Videos Part Four

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Capcom keep the "Ver 2013" title update video release streak alive as the fourth set of videos are unleashed with another group of characters receiving their turns for some tweaks and changes from

Ver 2013 Screen

As per usual, fighters from both sides of the roster are included in the adjustments.

In this batch you'll find Street Fighter's American Hero Guile; The master of Yoga Dhalsim; as well as the ever powerful pro wrestling champ Hugo. On the Tekken side we bring you everyone's favorite Mishima, Kazuya; Mishima industries antagonist Lars; and Heichachi's enforcer/pet Kuma.






For a complete list of the changes made already, check out this link - SFXT Complete Character Change Log. It's a bit of an extensive list but covers all of the changes made so far. In the next set of videos to come, we'll be sure to include the log for the characters that will be covered in the upcoming videos.

If you've missed the recent videos that we've already covered, be sure to catch up on them here:

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The "Ver. 2013" update for Street Fighter x Tekken will be available on January 29th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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