Atomic Games Breached and Cleared for XBLA

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
Atomic Games, developer of the controversial Iraqis war based Six Days in Fallujah that Konami backed away from, has confirmed the release of a new military first person shooter game, much in the style of , for XBLA and PC this summer.

Breach, will support up to 16 player combat (2 teams of 8) with 4 classes, 4 different game types and 5 maps. Atomic promises additional maps to be made free to the public as community objective are reached, not unlike BF1943 did with the Air Superiority mode. It will have an experience system that will enable players to purchase any of 12 unique "real life" gadgets. For example; the Sniper Detector amplifies light reflected off of scopes making enemy sniper positions easier to locate, and a Remote Motion Sensor that can be placed strategically around the map to help protect your flanks and notify you of intruders.

All this would be nothing more than generic if it weren't for the potential of the Hydrogen Engine. Atomic boasts a unique gameplay experience due to the fully destructible buildings and it's 'active cover' system. Different from other games, where destroyed bits of buildings are nothing more than pre-scripted, Buildings in Breach will be fully interactive allowing players to blow or poke holes in walls, ceiling and floors creating vantage points, new cover or surprise ambushes. In fact, entire buildings can be made to topple on enemies with the right placement of explosives. The 'active cover' system sounds as though it works much like Army of Two, where you attach yourself to your cover and can pop out to aim or simply blind fire without exposing yourself. Anything in the game can be used as cover, but can also be destroyed.

This all sounds very promising, and given the fact that Atomic Games also makes training systems for military and intelligence organizations it's even most interesting.

Breach will arrive sometime early summer for XBLA, later for PC, and will be priced at $15 USD.

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Credit for this story goes to N0RVY