Killer is Dead Trailer Released

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
Last April, we brought you the news that Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games, who brought us the well-received Lollipop Chainsaw, were at work on a new title: Killer is Dead. We didn't know much at the time, other than the game would involve assassinations, you'd play as an executioner, and one of the game's central themes would be love.

Shortly thereafter, we were treated to a collection of screens from the title and have heard little else... until now.

We now have a full collection of screenshots and a trailer to share with you.

1/18/13 Screen 1

1/18/13 Screen 2

1/18/13 Screen 3

1/18/13 Screen 4

1/18/13 Screen 6

1/18/13 Screen 5

1/18/13 Screen 7

1/18/13 Screen 8

1/18/13 Screen 9

1/18/13 Screen 10

1/18/13 Screen 11

1/18/13 Screen 12

1/18/13 Screen 13

1/18/13 Screen 14

1/18/13 Screen 15

1/18/13 Screen 16

Several details were also revealed about the characters. The protagonist, formerly simply known as "The Executioner", is named Mondo Zappa, and he is the top of his class as far as executing people goes. Mondo has an assistant, Mika Takekawa, whom he lives with. He also has two bosses - the 25-year-old, blonde-haired lady pictured above, Vivian Squall, and the 65-year-old Brian Roses. Finally, there's Victor, a criminal who steals music that "play songs of manipulated human emotion".

Killer is Dead is set for Summer 2013 release. The turn around time may seem quick, but Grasshopper has previously asserted that this game has actually been in development since 2009!

Thanks to all the community members who sent this one in!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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