Happy Wars' Third Update Released and Detailed

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
It really is all about being happy when it comes to ToyLogic's free-to-play title, Happy Wars. Voted by the community here at TA as the Best Action Game of 2012, a title with such an honourable award needs some serious maintenance in order to truly keep the players happy. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears has been put into the third title update for the title, and without breaking their professional smiles, Microsoft have released the full list of fixes and changes for the game patch.

Just before we dive into the details of the patch, enjoy yourselves with even more fan appreciation as Microsoft had a few loving words to share with the fans along with the patch info:

Before we get to details of the update, we want to thank our helpful and amazing community for giving us with feedback, positive words of encouragement, overall support as we make Happy Wars even better! So thank you, we hope you the update makes you super Happy, and see you all on the battlefield!
With a warm and fuzzy feeling inside all of us from all the love being shared, let's see what changes have taken place for the popular XBLA title:


• Team Skills will work properly for everyone now! It’s a Happy Miracle!

• Players were once able to attack the castle gate while their back was turned towards it. This has been fixed!

• Sometimes a bug occurred that prevented any other player from riding the ballista, cannon, or bird cannon if the player that had been riding it exited the game. We fixed this, so blow your enemy to smithereens!

• Some players noticed that a weapon’s Enchant effect remained suspended in mid-air when a player fell to death in dead state at the same time as being knocked away. This has been fixed!

• Fxed the bug causing display of an unnecessary image at the center of the map when displaying the player info screen from the map list or death screen.

• The opponent that killed your character didn’t always display on the Spawn Stronger screen, but we’ve fixed it! It’s always nice to keep your enemies closer…

• Your game should no longer crash when accepting an invite to a game!

• At random times, the Wind Trap remains suspended in mid-air after destroying a suspension bridge on which the Wind Trap skill had been positioned. This has been fixed!


• Raised the maximum number of members in a party to 8 for multiplayer situations outside of player matches.

• Increased the amount of time you have between Quick Matches to either exit the game or stay for the next match. Think fast!

• We made it impossible for a game to start with a larger number of players on one team and less on the other.

Special Challenge

• Occasionally a bug prevented the correct display of the arrow shown above the heads of the special bot characters serving as bosses or bonus characters.

• Fixed the bug permitting friends to be invited.

• We also adjusted a bug concerning the amount of time during which the main menu can be manipulated when joining from a lobby to an ongoing game

Happy Cards

• The number of lamps being lighted is now maintained even if the Happy Cards screen is exited.

• Fixed to prevent the lamp description message from being displayed when all the lamps are being displayed at the same time.


• Replaced the graphic for some super premium weapon to a new unique one.

• Fixed the bug permitting multiple Happy Dance buffs to be applied to a single item in item modification.

Messages, Etc.

• Fixed the bug preventing progress in the game when disconnected from Xbox LIVE during a download from the Happy Wars service at the title screen.

• Fixed the bug permitting the same item from being picked up multiple times on the treasure map.

• An error message is now displayed when auto-save fails for the treasure map.

• Now presenting a correct error message when a low-bandwidth player is cut out from multiplayer mode.

• Fixed the help message for the stage settings.

• A few other various bugs that caused improper messages or data to appear on the inappropriate screen.
The third title update for Happy Wars is already live. If you haven't downloaded it already, you'll be prompted to download the patch the next time you fire up the game.
Credit for this story goes to Saft Und Kraft
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