Shuffle Party Coming to Windows 8

By litepink, 5 years ago
Correction: The game is now available on Windows Phone 8, not on January 30th as stated in the closing paragraph.

There are many things to like about Shuffle Party (WP): fun, easy to pick up and play, avatar supported, and of course some free gamerscore on your Windows Phone 7. All of these good things are destined to arrive on Windows 8 very soon. While we don’t know many details yet, we’re going to assume this will go down the ad supported route once more, and should be a free Xbox branded title with achievements. What we do know can be seen in a short video for the upcoming Windows 8 title, featuring exotic lanes and pins just like the mobile counterpart.

The Windows Phone version has been available for some time, but there’s good news for Windows Phone 8 users out there. Next week Shuffle Party becomes available on WP8 for the first time. Seems as some original WP7 titles had compatibility issues with WP8, having either been pulled or never made available on the newer OS. This suffered from the latter, but will not make its debut for WP8 on January 30th. The Windows 8 version of Shuffle Party is “coming soon”.