Terraria Screens & Trailer are Pure Retro

By Ashley Woodcock,
505 Games' upcoming retro-style XBLA sandbox title has taken the quality over quantity approach when it's come releasing media for their upcoming game. We've only covered one trailer, the set of screens that came with the announcement article, and the most previous single screen that was covered just before Christmas last month.

For those itching to see more of what's to come in Terraria, you'll be most pleased with the highly impressive looking screens that have been released for the title today. The signature blocky style is in full-force in the screens in many different ways. Some stages showcase what looks to be like pretty intense and large boss battles, as well as two and four player splitscreen modes, a character riding a whale in the sea, a unicorn in action, different enemies, weapons, and plenty of detailed background visuals.

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 01

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 2

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 3

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 4

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 5

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 6

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 7

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 8

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 9

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 10

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 11

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 12

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 13

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 14

23/01/13 - Terraria Screens 15

The new trailer showcases more key features and new content to come with the game. Up to eight players can enjoy the action online together or four players can get nice and comfy on the couch and get down to some splitscreen co-op business (so long as the TV is a HD one). New tutorials and world maps will make the fun much easier to get into. Additionally, new weapons, equipment, and pets that will be on offer. Plenty of enemies will be lurking around to ruin your fun in Terraria, and for anyone who's tried out the PC version of the game, the video reveals that there will be a new final boss to take on too!

The video states that Terraria will be "coming soon", but after reading the description for the video, it looks like the title will be available on the XBLA marketplace "next month". A price is still yet to be confirmed.

We've got the full list of Terraria (Xbox 360) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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