Dead Island: Riptide Gameplay Footage

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
Dead Island: Riptide is the upcoming follow up to the surprise hit of 2011, Dead Island (Xbox 360). Riptide promises more zombies, more ways to kill them and more of everything that the community loved about Dead Island. That sentiment seems to also extend to videos, as the following is nearly 10 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage. Watch as the survivors go from scavenging a downed helicopter to defending the ruins of a mission in the middle of swampland.

I especially enjoyed the zombie killed by getting the machine gun thrown at its head. Never mind the actual usage of the gun later on in the mission, it was used as a blunt instrument of death!

Dead Island: Riptide will be out April 23rd in North America and April 26th everywhere else. Those of you in North or South America can pre-order the Rigor Mortis Edition, while those of you in Europe and Australia can pre-order the Zombie Bait Edition.
Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR