Gunstringer: DMR Free for a Limited Time

By litepink,
Does anyone remember when The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running (Win 8) was announced as a free-to-play title? I sure remember because, as a professed nut of the Kinect original The Gunstringer, I thought about the game every day leading up to its eventual release in December. The arrival of the game came with a quiet change: there was a $1.49 (or your region’s equivalent) price point. Myself and others willingly forked over our hard earned silver to play Gunstringer on Windows 8, though. Despite being announced as free, paying $1.49 doesn’t break the bank and it is still one of the least expensive Xbox titles out there for the new OS.

To some though, you might have sewn your pockets shut at this price for whatever reason, be it you are scorned that it was originally announced as free, or you weren’t too interested to begin with. Maybe you didn’t know it was out or coming out even? Well, if you’re reading this you now know that The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running is being offered free of charge for a limited time. The Windows 8 game is free right now, and will remain free for just four days until Monday, January 28th.

The game is free for a few days so why not, right? To be fair, I’ll answer that question. For completionists out there, this game is still very much set up like a free-to-play title, especially where achievements are concerned. You can earn powerups, items and upgrades with the gold and diamonds, the in-game currency. These minerals can be earned through natural gameplay but it may take a lot of gameplay to collect enough in order to purchase everything necessary in relation to the achievements. Personally, I don’t judge those who would pass over a title that could be expensive or, alternatively, a major grind, just like I wouldn’t judge those who spend the money or suffer through such a grind. If a completion isn’t your top priority, then dive in to this Temple Run-like game.

Once Tuesday rolls around, we’re not sure at what Dead Man Running will be priced as the $1.49 price was classified as a “sale”, even though that has been the price since launch.

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this one in!
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