'The Tyranny of King Washington' is Coming

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Back in December we brought you a trailer from the upcoming "The Tyranny of King Washington" single player DLC for Assassin's Creed III, a three episode story exploring an alternate history of the events following the American Revolution. Ubisoft has recently released a few new details as to the story of the DLC packs and have confirmed that the first episode will be hitting the Xbox LIVE marketplace next month.

Tyranny of King Washington

In the first episode of the Tyranny of King Washington series, our hero, Ratonhnhaké:ton, awakens from an unsettling dream to find that, despite his efforts to deliver justice in the newly-founded United States of America, a new king has been crowned – George Washington. The Infamy will take gamers through the beginning of the journey to dethrone this new king.
All three upcoming episodes for the “Tyranny of King Washington” will be available through the "Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass", which is currently available for purchase for 2400 MSP. The first episode, “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy,” can also be purchased as a single DLC pack for 800 MSP.

“The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy,” will be available to download from February 19th.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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