New Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Mode Coming Soon

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Capcom have today announced that players of Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) will soon be able to expand the number of ways they can deal with the Bio-Organic Weapon threat with a fourth additional game mode. This new mode, named “Siege”, sees two teams of players fighting over an AI-controlled rookie BSAA agent.


One team will assume control of enemy creatures whose aim is to take down the rookie by any means necessary , while the other team selects playable characters from the main campaigns and must do all they can to keep him alive.

Each game will consist of two rounds with teams switching between both the human and enemy roles. The human team wins a round if they successfully protect the rookie agent, while the enemies will win if they can send him to meet his maker.

The following gameplay video and selection of screenshots will help to clear things up:

Siege 1

Siege 2

Siege 3

Siege 4

Siege 5

Siege 6

Siege 7

“Siege" mode will be available sometime in March and will be priced at 320 MSP.

In other news, Capcom have also released details of their next online event for Resident Evil 6 that is due to begin in six days time, running from February 1st through February 8th. This event will give players another chance to unlock an EX3 costume. To participate, players will need to defeat at least one of the target creatures during the event; detailed rules will be posted on RE.NET 12 hours before the event starts.

Participation prize

The basic reward is 10,000 RE Points, awarded to all players.
A bonus is awarded for exceeding the target
An additional bonus is awarded to all players depending on how much they contributed to the killcount.
All players receive an EX3 costume of their choice if the target is met
If the 30,000 target is not met, the base and contribution rewards are halved.

S:1st - 100th: 40,000Points
A:101st - 1,000th: 20,000Points
B:1,001st - 2,000th: 15,000Points
C:2,001st - 3,000th: 10,000Points
D:3,001st - 4,000th: 8,000Points
E:4,001st - 5,000th: 5,000Points
F:5,001st and below: 3,000Points

If the target is met, all participants will be able to unlock one EX3 costume of their choice.
(unlocks will be awarded at the end of January).
As with previous events, players must have registered an account at to participate.
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