MotoGP 13 Screenshots

By Graymouse 1, 5 years ago
Earlier this month we wrote a piece on the announcement of MotoGP 13. At that time we did not have screenshots to show you. Today, developer Milestone released a series of screenshots that you see below along with a short description on the Mugello Circuit.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Mugello is a modern circuit with excellent facilities. The 5.245km track has a growing reputation as one of the world’s most up-to-date, scenic and safest race circuits. A blend of slow and fast turns with sweeping curves, long straights and off-camber corners make Mugello one of the most challenging circuits for both riders and engineers. Having hosted its first MotoGP event back in 1976 the venue became a permanent fixture in 1991 after extensive refurbishment.
1/26/2013 Screenshot7

1/26/2013 Screenshot6

1/26/2013 Screenshot5

1/26/2013 Screenshot4

1/26/2013 Screenshot3

1/26/2013 Screenshot2

1/26/2013 Screenshot1

Well, MotoGP fans that is all the news that we have for you at this time. Once we have more news you will see it here. So stay tuned! We still do not have an exact release date for MotoGP 13 as of yet, all we have right now, is that it is currently scheduled for release sometime this year.