Gears of War: Judgment Demo Inbound

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Change can be scary. Nothing makes the gaming masses freak out more than taking tried-and-true tropes and mixing them up a bit. On the other hand, fresh blood can keep a series rolling well past its initial goals and aspirations. When we first brought you details of Judgment, many gamers were skeptical not only of the new lead developers (People Can Fly), but also the new OverRun mode, which (much like a Reese cup) puts the popular Horde and Beast modes into one delicious multiplayer treat.

Today, Major Nelson delivered an announcement from Epic/People Can Fly that Judgment will be getting an OverRun-based demo.

Gamers who are GameStop PowerUp Rewards members (and pre-order from GameStop) will get early access to the demo starting on March 15th. The demo will then go live to all Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers on March 19th, to coincide with the game's launch.

Major Nelson also let gamers in on a sweet bonus for those who jump in early with GameStop:

As an added bonus, multiplayer experience points (XP) earned will carry over to the final game for players who purchase and play “Judgment” in the first week following its U.S. release, allowing them to get a jump on the competition and begin unlocking special rewards, like new weapon skins, medals and achievements.
Finally, GameStop's in-game, pre-order bonus incentives have been revealed:

“Young Marcus” character skin – Decorated war hero Marcus Fenix is the legendary leader of Delta Squad, a small group of COG soldiers responsible for saving mankind from destruction at the hands of Locust and Lambent forces. This exclusive character skin takes Marcus back in time, six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, and during the chaos of Emergence Day – a time before he was hardened by his long imprisonment.

Lambent weapon skin – This exclusive weapon skin lets you show off your grub-slaying exploits and customize select weapons with the emulsion of your fallen Lambent foes.

Additionally, everyone who preorders “Judgment” from any retailer worldwide will receive the Classic Hammerburst, a fearsome and effective weapon that served as the standard-issue assault rifle of the Locust Army.
We also have a few pics of the "Young Marcus" skin and Classic Hammerburst.
GS 1

GS 2

Gears of War: Judgment is set for a March 19th release.

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