DLC Roundup: January 29th, 2013

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
This week sees DLC releases for 11 Xbox 360 retail games and one Xbox LIVE Arcade game. Two of the games add extra achievements to their list and two of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA DLC that is due to be released tomorrow will be covered tomorrow when it hits the marketplace. Here is this week’s list:

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - more details here
• "Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Revolution" - 1200 MSP (this has achievements)

Dance Central 3
• "Let It Roll (Good Times) - Flo Rida" – 240 MSP

https://www.trueachievements.com/Darksiders-II-J/achiev....htm (Released January 24th - content has already been released in other regions)
• "The Demon Lord Belial" - 800 MSP
• "Abyssal Forge" - 800 MSP
• "Argul's Tomb" - 560 MSP

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (Japan only - released January 24th)
• "New Mission Pack 2" - 320 MSP
• "New Mission 6" - 80 MSP
• "New Mission 7" - 80 MSP
• "New Mission 8" - 80 MSP
• "New Mission 9" - 80 MSP
• "New Mission 10" - 80 MSP

Kinect Party
• "Blizzard" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Blizzard Channel! Freeze into ice sculptures and throw snowballs at your friends while your living room fills with snow! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Blooming Garden" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Blooming Garden Channel! Plant flowers in your living room to cultivate a lush garden paradise complete with sunbeams, rainbows, and butterflies! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Booty Shaker" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Booty Shaker Channel! Shake your booty on the dance floor as you and your friends take turns in the spotlight showing off your best moves! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Bubble Bath" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Bubble Bath Channel! Fill your room with foam, play with rubber duckies, and see if you can find the secret diving helmet! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Bug Patrol" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Bug Patrol Channel! Defend the world's landmarks from the bug infestation! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Castle Smasher" - 80 MSP
• "Cosmic Flow" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Cosmic Flow Channel! Enjoy slow tunes, move to the rhythm, and trip out to the colors of the Cosmic Flow! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Dub Step" - 80 MSP (Released January 14th)
Unscramble the Dubstep Channel! Psychadelic colors, boombox helmets, turntables, and auto-scrub dancing in your living room! Wub wub wub! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Enchanted Forest" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Enchanted Forest Channel! You're a beautiful fairy! Collect wings to become the fairy princess, then cast spells to amaze and transform your friends! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Fireworks" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Fireworks Channel! Twirl sparklers on your hands or light fireworks placed on your floor! Living room pyrotechnics have never been this easy! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Fish Tank" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Fish Tank Channel! Blow bubbles under the sea and snatch the bait off the hook, but don't get caught! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Googly Balls" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Googly Balls Channel! Dive into a pit of cute, playful creatures, unlocking new colors by digging up glowing Googlies! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "High Voltage" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the High Voltage Channel! It's alive! Become a conduit of high voltage electricity! Throw lightning from your hands to electrify light bulbs, televisions, signs, and more! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Hot Lava" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Hot Lava Channel! Look out! Hot lava! Stay on the couch to avoid it or dive in to become a fire thrower! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Hyperspace" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Hyperspace Channel! Blast the baddies in this retro-futuristic shooter! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Magic Battle" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Magic Battle Channel! Lightning bolt! Fireball! Laser! Harness magic powers to battle space imps and your friends! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Paint Master" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Paint Master Channel! Don't worry about coloring between the lines, just pick your brush and paint where you like! Then watch your masterpiece unfold! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Pigeon Feeder" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Pigeon Feeder Channel! Who left the door open? This room is filled with pigeons! Chase em, feed em, but don't make them angry! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Pine Cone Panic" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Pine Cone Panic Channel! Max out your score by juggling pine cones and destroying blocks! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Pirate's Treasure" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Pirate's Treasure Channel! Arrgh, matey! Spanish doubloons abound in your living room! Dig in the sand to uncover the pirate's treasure! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Popcorn Popper" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Popcorn Popper Channel! The popcorn machine is broken! You're going to need to pop that popcorn yourself! Then add your favorite toppings to make the ultimate popcorn flavors! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Puddle Splasher" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Puddle Splasher Channel! It's pouring rain in your living room! Stomp in puddles, grow mushrooms, and dodge the lightning or you'll be in for a shock! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Star Gazer" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Star Gazer Channel! Pose in the night sky and make amazing constellations like the happy teapot and majestic eagle! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Starring You" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Starring You Channel! You're the star of your own music video! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Super Duplicator" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Super Duplicator Channel! What would you do with five clones? High five yourself, tickle yourself, or get in a living room brawl? Super Duplicator makes all this possible and more! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Sweet Tooth" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Sweet Tooth Channel! Avoid the sweets and munch the fruits and vegetables while you chase Mr. Toothbrush through the world of sweets! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "Voxel Runner" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Voxel Runner Channel! Pick up the speed orbs and dodge the rock obstacles as you try to catch the fox and enter hyper speed mode in this stylized runner! Also unlocks more costume gear!
• "The Wiggle Warper" - 80 MSP
Unscramble the Wiggle Warper Channel! Move in front of the Wiggle Warper mirror and make the world bend, stretch, and contort in miraculous ways! Also unlocks more costume gear!
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - more details here (Released January 25th)
• "Harbour Master" - 400 MSP (this has achievements)

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360)
• "Stage Map Pack B" - 160 MSP
This will add the stages Rooftop Mission and Creature Workshop to The Mercenaries in Resident Evil 6. Take on an army of zombies in the confined space of the helipad on the Quad Tower in the Rooftop Mission stage. As powerful enemies who can take you out in one hit appear, even the tiniest mistake can mean certain death! Finding a strong foothold will prove to be a challenge in the spiraling walkways of the Creature Workshop. Learn your enemies mutations and pick the best skills for victory!
Rock Band 3 – more details in Friday's post:
• "Aerosmith's Greatest Dimension Pack" – 800 MSP
• "Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP
• "Dream On (Live) - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP
• "Legendary Child - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP
• "Lover Alot - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP
• "Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP
• "Walk This Way - Aerosmith" – 160 MSP

Here is a list of the songs approved by Rock Band Network community that have been released since last Tuesday:

• "Full Song – This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!" (Psychostick) – 160 MSP
Free trial: http://marketplace.xbox.com/Product/Trial-Song-This-is-Not-a...
• "Full Song – Alarms" (RIBS) – 80 MSP
Free trial: http://marketplace.xbox.com/Product/Trial-Song-Alarms/000000...

• "Cheap Trick - Surrender" – 240 MSP
• "Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild" – 240 MSP
• "The Guess Who - American Woman" – 240 MSP

Sleeping Dogs
• "The Movie Masters Pack" - 160 MSP
Don the outfit of the lone Vigilante, become a heroic legend with the Unknown Warrior outfit, or coat yourself in an armor of bronze and take on all manner of attacks while wearing the Bronze Warrior outfit.
• "Sleeping Dogs - The Monkey King Pack" - 160 MSP
With the power of the immortals great strength is bestowed upon you! The Monkey King outfit includes its own buff, signature weapon, and vehicle. While wearing this full-body outfit you are automatically granted a double-handed staff during melee and can travel across Hong Kong on the unique Cloud Motorcycle. Please note there is no Russian language support available for this content. When installed, Russian subtitles and all other game text in Sleeping Dogs appears in English.
• "Combo Editor Expansion (Combo Editor Required)" - 80 MSP
Adds more options to the Combo Editor for even more new and original combos! Freely control the interval between moves in quick combos, and if your quick combo is blocked you'll be able to cancel the combo! Note: This add-on is exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. The expansion can only be after the Combo Editor has been purchased.
• "Special Color Palette 4" - FREE
A special color pack (4-color set) for character color customization. This pack features a special version of warm and sparkly colors! Note: This add-on is exclusive content for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Released January 28th)
• "Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Mandatory 4" - FREE
Force Feedback enhancement – The power and reaction time of force feedback response has been improved. Stickers Update – An update to the sticker board system will ensure that the correct stickers options are available to all users.
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